Guest editorial: Forsling pledges ‘to focus on continuous improvement’ |

Guest editorial: Forsling pledges ‘to focus on continuous improvement’

In my first campaign for Treasurer in 2010, when the economy was a disaster and the deficit was at record levels, we focused heavily on government efficiencies and how we might create them. In my term as Treasurer finding efficiencies has been, and always will be, one of my top priorities. But along the way I have been inspired to use those efficiencies as a lever to focus on my primary goal — service. And my inspiration has a name: Cordell Hull.

Cordell Hull is a retired North Summit schoolteacher, avid guitar player, and dedicated father. During that campaign in 2010, Cordell reached out to me to share his challenges with paying property taxes on a fixed income. He had a terrific idea that I adopted after my election, and was the foundation of the EZPay program — a service that turns an annual tax bill into an automatic monthly payment.

But even more importantly, Cordell’s suggestion transformed my perspective on the Treasurer’s office, and my relationship to the residents of the county. If your property pays taxes through mortgage escrow, chances are you can’t name the office that collects the taxes. And that’s OK — I’m perfectly happy to operate in the background.

But for most property owners, the annual tax bill is a big deal. Realizing this was my inspiration from Cordell. It’s all about service, and service is not just a nice tone of voice (although that’s important). It’s a list of options. It’s flexibility. It’s reduced cost and increased speed. Most importantly, it’s responsiveness to a customer’s needs even if it inconveniences us.

Now the Treasurer’s office offers an array of new services. Tax Notices can be emailed as well as printed. Tax payments are free online with an e-check. EZPay allows automatic monthly payments. Mailing addresses can be changed online. For businesses, transit fees can be paid online. The Motor Vehicle office in Kamas is now open for one additional day each week, and the Park City office has a bilingual employee to help our Latino community navigate vehicle registration (yes, the Treasurer manages the DMV in Summit County).

This is just a sample, and it’s just the beginning. As your Treasurer I pledge to focus on continuous improvement every day that I’m in office. In 2015 my plan is to make all of the county’s property tax records back to the 1800’s searchable online. This will be a significant project, but an important one for historians and property owners.

As the 2014 campaign comes to a close, I hope you agree that I have proven that the voters made an excellent choice in 2010 to select me as their Treasurer. In addition to all the new services, I’ve boosted efficiencies significantly, and invested county funds at returns far higher than bank deposits or the state treasurer’s fund. I have the education (MBA from Penn State) and financial career experience to back up my proven track record. Visit my website at or find me on Facebook for more information.

It’s been an honor to serve as your Treasurer, and my thanks go to Cordell Hull for putting the emphasis on "serve." I appreciate your vote on Election Day.

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