Guest editorial: Henney offers tip of the hat to Beerman |

Guest editorial: Henney offers tip of the hat to Beerman

Tim Henney, Park City,

As a 23-year citizen of Park City and a two-year member of City Council who believes our community faces a time of significant challenges that will determine the quality of experience for decades to come, I feel it is imperative we vote to re-elect Andy Beerman to City Council. Andy’s experience, wisdom, courage and belief in the strength of our community will be essential to our collective success in the coming years.

Local government processes are often complex, confusing, and messy. The roles, responsibilities, and powers of boards, commissions, and councils are not easy to grasp and understand, even in the best of times and situations. The issues our community currently faces are complex, interconnected and multifaceted (think housing, transportation, preservation of the environment and our community character). The EASY fixes have long ago been implemented, platitudes carry no currency, and a multitude of opinions exist not only on what we see as our shared future but how to get there. It is clear, now more than ever, just how important it is who we vote for to represent us and that is why I feel it is critically important to return Andy Beerman to City Council.

Working with Andy the last 2 years I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand his critical thinking, commitment to a collaborative process, ability to build consensus from among diverse and disparate perspectives, diligence, work ethic, and aptitude in distilling the messy aspects of process into understandable and enactable policy decisions. In addition, Andy’s focus is on what can be done rather than on what has been lost. Andy is fundamentally hopeful, not fearful.

Even if you don’t agree with his position on an issue, Andy is always eager to meet, hear your views, engage in discussion and expand the conversation in a way that informs his personal policy decisions and leads to better outcomes for the community. Andy is capable of standing in the face of withering criticism from cynics as well as personal attacks on his character as he did as our representative and a member of the executive board during phase one the Mountain Accord. As a result of his efforts, a connection to Big Cottonwood Canyon (tunnel and train) was eliminated. Funding and study of the 224 and 248 corridors was added and the focus of the Accord coalesced around preservation of the Natural Environment and Recreation. Andy has shown he has the capacity and ability to help our community not only endure, but thrive and prosper.

I believe Andy’s skill set and perspective will be of great value and essential when negotiating pending development applications at the base of our two ski resorts, with Treasure Hill and Bonanza Park, in addressing toxic soil mitigation with the EPA, and repairing regional relationships with our neighboring County and City Councils (a process well underway with much already done).

Finally, this election sees council losing two members with years of experience, Dick Peek and Liza Simpson, and highlights the importance of Andy’s four years of experience as well as depth and breadth of knowledge. While our community is once again in the enviable position of having an abundance of outstanding candidates for elected office, returning Andy Beerman to City Council is a timely and powerful investment in, and for, our community.