Guest editorial: Kimball Art Center says founder would be proud |

Guest editorial: Kimball Art Center says founder would be proud

Robin Marrouche, Executive Director, Kimball Art Center,

In 1976, on the eve of opening the Kimball Art Center, Bill Kimball wrote a Letter to the Editor in The Park Record expressing his thanks to those who helped get the Center launched and shared his wishes for what it might one day mean for the community:

"I would like to convey my appreciation and admiration to the many Park City and area residents who rallied behind the Kimball Art Center and helped us meet the almost impossible deadline of November 20th. Without the cooperation of dozens of great people we simply would not have made it. My personal thanks to all of them. I hope the Art Center will enable them to fulfill themselves and enrich their lives beyond the necessity to make a living. Park City’s first phase was the opening of the mines; the second was the beginning of the resort. Perhaps the third phase can be that the Center can provide the opportunity for each person to expand his interest in the arts. I hope so."

Bill Kimball December, 1976

Flash forward a la Back to the Future to the year 2015 and the Kimball Art Center once again had the opportunity to experience the entire community rallying around us to begin the next chapter. From the extreme generosity of countless individuals, sponsors, donors, volunteers, to our talented architects and contractors to the collective excitement of our members, we are humbled and grateful for all of the love and positive feedback. Thanks to each of you for all efforts to support our new home. Special kudos go to the KAC staff and board whose blood, sweat and fingerprints are all over our successful move. I’m immensely lucky to serve alongside such a committed group of people who truly "put their backs into it" every day beyond any reasonable expectation.

We are so proud to the city’s longest running non-profit, to have served over 1 million people since inception, to continue to offer free admission and to bring tens of millions of dollars of economic impact to the community each year. Bill Kimball sadly passed away in 2005 so isn’t here to celebrate the fruits of his vision, but we are pleased to share a message from his three children:

"Almost 40 years ago, our father had a vision for an Arts Center in Park City. He imagined a community hub where folks could come to create art, and that would also serve as an essential showcase for displaying art. Today, the Kimball Art Center has evolved to become one of the most important regional arts facilities in the country, and is on the brink of a momentous new chapter. We are thrilled to see how the Center is not only fulfilling our father’s original vision but is boldly expanding into exciting new territory. With our greatest wishes for the future, Ana, Jeffrey and Stephen Kimball."

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Please come and see our new space if you haven’t already. We welcome you with open hearts and open doors and invite you to be a part of our exciting future.