Guest editorial: Legislators should refine, not repeal |

Guest editorial: Legislators should refine, not repeal

American citizens are eternal optimists. They hear what they want to hear regardless of the facts. Fortunately or unfortunately, they have very short memories when it comes to political promises made by incumbents and newly elected legislators. They easily forget the economic and social conditions under former presidential administrations and want only quick fixes to their concerns!

Our instant gratification attitude is exacerbating the political arena we are now experiencing. Six years ago, newly elected President Obama was a beacon of hope for the down trotted citizen. Since then, many have forgotten what the conditions were under the Bush administration and what problems Obama inherited. If President Obama had experienced a compromising congress like the one that President Roosevelt inherited in the Great Depression of 1932, things might have been a lot different.

Despite the worst obstructive congress in the last century, let us more specially revue some of Obama’s successes. (1) Increase of 200,000 more jobs for 10 straight months. (2) Having the federal government lend money to General Motors, thus avoiding bankruptcy and the loss of more jobs, put America on the right track toward getting out of the Great Recession. (3) Gas prices have dropped below $ 2.00 a gallon in some areas of the nation. (4) Wages, although have not been as successful as the over-all economy, have started to improve. (5) The stock market has nearly reached the 18,000 point level. This represents an increase of approximately 10,000 points higher since Obama became president. (6) The Enactment of Federal regulations controlling Banks and lending agencies from repeating the home mortgage debacle of 2008. (7) Slowest increase in healthcare costs in the last 50 years. (8) More Americans have healthcare insurance than ever before in history as a result of the Affordable Healthcare Act. (9) Under the Obama’s presidency, more Mexicans have been deported back to Mexico than any of his predecessors. His presidential immigration executive order has a 72 percent approval rating by the public. (10) Administered an exit plan for the withdrawal of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our present Republican dominated congress has a golden opportunity to improve upon those accomplishments. Like any new invention, it is usually the result of previous inventions. Our legislators must refine and improve upon past legislation rather than simply using the repeal strategy and putting things back to what they were in the past.

We are at a critical crossroads having the wealthy becoming wealthier and the gap between the middle class becoming greater with each passing day. Those at the lower end of the middle class are slipping into the impoverished level. Food insecurity has risen from 20 million people under President Reagan’s administration to 50 million people today. In 1970, there were only 200 food banks in the country. Today, there are over 40,000 food banks across the nation. This statistic alone should alert the American citizen that we are in crisis for the continuance of the middle class. It is up to the Republican leadership in this state and the federal government to save this nation from tyranny!

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