Guest Editorial: Powell’s stance on LGBT issues should be disqualifying |

Guest Editorial: Powell’s stance on LGBT issues should be disqualifying

Glenn Wright, Candidate Utah House District 54,

Thank you to The Park Record and KPCW for hosting the candidates’ debate this past Monday, Oct. 20.

There were a number of noteworthy discussions and a few heated questions from the audience. Two in particular came from Ann Daniels, who took offense at my support for Medicaid expansion and the discussion between Kraig Powell and me on laws pertaining to marriage and how they are affected by the recent court rulings. She challenged me to give her one example of anything the government ever did right to positively affect the economy. When I indicated to her that insuring millions of additional Americans under the ACA was a positive to the country as a whole, by reducing the threat of severe illness, bankruptcy and/or death from these millions, she was demonstrably unconvinced.

If time had allowed, I could have added several other government initiatives that resulted in positive outcomes such as the interstate highway system, solar panels, GPS, Satellite TV and radio transmissions, Social Security and Medicare.

Kraig Powell and I had a brief but detailed discussion concerning his bill file to clean up various family-related issues such as adoption and surrogacy. I suggested to him that he should pledge to write such laws so that same sex partners would have equal rights in adoption and surrogacy to opposite sex partners. This he refused to do and affirmed his belief that there are indeed now two classes of marriage and that the same-sex variety has rights that are different and less substantial. I believe that several very negative consequences follow from this reasoning.

The LGBT community will rightly sue to get equal parenting rights and based on the recent decisions on marriage are certain to prevail. Wasting millions on a legal process is the least destructive consequence. Others that are more consequential are:

  • The continued disruption of the families affected.
  • Creation of a second class of marriage creates the aura of government sanctioned discrimination.

Locally, should this legislation advance and be challenged in the courts, Park City would be branded as the community represented by the author of the legislation.

I believe that this mid set in Representative Powell should disqualify him from further representation of this district.

Lastly, Ms. Daniels comments about me, as a paramecium and a high horse were in error. My one experience with a horse, circa 1985, left me no desire to ever mount one again.

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