Guest editorial: Republicans need to stand up to President Trump |

Guest editorial: Republicans need to stand up to President Trump

Trump vastly underestimats the intelligence of Americans

“You can’t handle the truth” is the famous line delivered by actor Jack Nicholson in the movie: A Few Good Men. After President Trump’s latest firing of FBI Director, James Comey, the phrase “you can’t handle the truth” seems quite apropos.

What is troubling to most of us is that Comey’s firing is just another in a series of actions taken by President Trump and his staff, that casts a suspicious cloud over the possible collusion with the Russians regarding the election of 2016. Although the President has the constitutional right to fire a FBI Director, President Trump’s rationale for firing FBI Director Comey was simply that he is a “nut job, showboat, and lost the confidence and respect of his fellow FBI agents.” This appears to be irrationally conceived. This is just another example of Trump’s delusional behavior. It is mind boggling to think that even Trump supporters would applaud his action as sound judgement when nothing is specifically related to Comey’s incompetency. So who cannot handle the truth? Is it Comey or Trump?

What is equally concerning is Trump’s blatant disregard to communicate and solicit advice from members of congress prior to making major personnel or policy recommendations. Obviously, he listens to only a close circle of friends, with Steve Bannon being the most influential. This was evidenced by President Trump’s declaration to drop out of the Paris climate agreement. It is unbelievable to many of us that the United States is now aligned with Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries in the world not participating in reducing pollution on our planet! Trump’s America-first mantra has now placed us last as a world leader! He has managed in a few short months, to alienate our NATO allies to the point that they no longer can trust or look to America as the leader of the free world. As a result, our intelligence-sharing ability among friendly nations has been seriously damaged, if not permanently diminished.

If President Trump believes that Americans “can’t handle the truth” he is misguided and is vastly underestimating the intelligence of Americans. Does he really think that the American citizen cannot comprehend the fairytale “The emperor wore no clothes” overtly displayed by many of his fellow Republicans in Congress. A few Republican legislators verbally appear to be in opposition to President Trump on major decisions, but thus far their actions are much to the contrary.

Most Americans are hoping for the Republican-led Congress to step up for America and be accountable to their constituents not necessarily just to the White House. One does not have to be blind to see that President Trump is attempting to make the wealthy even wealthier by his tax reform proposal and at the same time omitting his promise to bring back a strong middle class to America. Finally, does President Trump really believe that most Americans are so gullible to believe that all of his statements are truths, especially when he states that the Russian interference into the 2016 election is all a hoax perpetrated by the Democrats for having lost the election! Good grief Charley Brown, what is happening to our America!

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