Guest Editorial: Silly Market off to a blazing start to summer |

Guest Editorial: Silly Market off to a blazing start to summer

Kate Boyd, Executive Director, Park Silly Sunday Market

The staff and volunteers at the Park Silly Sunday Market want to express our appreciation to all of the locals and visitors that came to a wildly successful opening day of our ninth season of the Silly Market. We were also pleased to read The Park Record editorial last Saturday that pointed out that our success is a benefit to the entire community.

While we like to say that we can guarantee that our visitors will have a fun time at the market, we can also guarantee that they will have an economic impact on the entire community. Last week, over 12,000 people visited the Silly Market and over 5,000 of them visited our Farmers Market, walking up Main Street to drool over fresh produce and gourmet foods. Hundreds of our visitors also chose to eat at local restaurants, drink at local taverns, shop at local merchants, stop at local tourist attractions, and stay at local lodging facilities.

We also provide an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to test the waters and learn how to make their passions pay off while providing income for their families. Who said that all start-ups have to start in the Bay Area? Over the years, we’ve helped launch local businesses like Sammy’s Bistro, Freshie’s Lobster, Red Bicycle Bread Works, My Liquid Garden and Melty Way in addition to Boom Dog Creations and Soul Pole.

Not only do we provide summer employment for upward of 30 people each summer, we provide an income for 600 artisans and vendors and their families each year. We support developing musical acts, entertainers, and crafts people and all of these people in turn, spend their income throughout the county. Not to mention that we help boost employment and tourism all over town.

We also provide free space to nonprofit organizations to promote their missions and do outreach to the community. All local residents benefit from the quality of life that is enhanced by these organizations. We’d also be hard-pressed to come up with a list of locals who didn’t bring their out-of-town guests to the market at some point during the summer, thereby providing free entertainment for local tour guides. Adults aren’t the only ones who benefit from increased quality-of-life issues either; the hardest part about maintaining our children’s entertainment area is keeping the joy and excitement level of the kids down to an uproar.

It would be impossible to program and manage this event without the 20+ volunteers each week who help make the market run, and we certainly couldn’t do it without the support of the generous locals who welcome our visitors all summer. We would also be remiss if we didn’t thank the dedicated event staff at City Hall and the Main Street Merchants who have contributed creative ideas that enhanced the quality of the event every summer. We invite everyone to come and get Silly with us and celebrate another funky and silly Park City summer.