Guest editorial: Sun Peak is dumping ground for Canyons project |

Guest editorial: Sun Peak is dumping ground for Canyons project

As the former HOA President of the Sun Peak neighborhood, I’ve been privy to and witnessed many instances where the powers that be at Summit County have looked the other way when it comes to protecting its constituents.  Hole 11 at Canyons Golf is another such instance  I’m wondering,  are other neighborhoods being as egregiously dumped on as we are?  Because we are quite literally being dumped on!
Let’s look at some past practices first.  About 15 years ago, the Summit County Council met behind closed doors in order to IMPOUND Sun Peak Open Space so that it could be GIVEN to a developer who could in turn sell it to fund construction of the golf course.   Neighbors were alarmed that open space could be impounded, and concerned about the height of what was to be built.   The county met with concerned neighbors on-site in order to quell their worries.  But now that it appears that the buildings are over height, the neighbors are not getting any response from the county despite numerous queries.
Or take the infamous Dakota Lodge Power Lines.  In order to build what is now the Waldorf Astoria, power lines were relocated from that property to property adjoining Sun Peak homes with County assurance that they’d be buried within two years.   That was 8 years ago, and the lines remain despite strong opposition and neighbors demanding that the county do what was promised.  Views remain blocked by the lines.
More recently a County bond was passed under the auspices of putting a pedestrian underpass under SR 224 so that children could safely get to school.  Although the bond was sold as such, the funds were diverted elsewhere. 
But the big doozie here is hole #11 of the Canyons Golf Course.  The course was promised for years, constructed, and all was well.  Until a few weeks ago when dump trucks started rolling up behind Sun Peak houses, and completely covering the golf course and covering mountain and ski views for the unfortunate homeowners living adjacent to the course.  Now they get a view of a berm.
The county says that the fill is all hunky-dory, that a 100-year flood plan basin is being constructed.  If true, it’s obvious that the berm could have been created on the far side of the fairway.  Obviously, TCFC (AKA Talisker) needed to get rid of soil for their APEX project, and had nowhere to conveniently  put it other than behind the houses on the golf course.   They have shown  no respect whatsoever for the financial or quality of life issues for the homeowners who have lost their view.  And once again, the county is complicit.  There was no public hearing, no warning, no notice, no protection whatsoever against that mountain of dirt that is blocking the views that those homeowners have worked so hard to achieve.
One gets the idea that no one from Summit County actually visited the site before approving this awful project.  TCFC, shame on you.  Summit County officials, , please represent the people who elected you.

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