Guest Editorial: The evil twins in politics |

Guest Editorial: The evil twins in politics

John White, Midway,

The Koch brothers are power-hungry men using their inherited wealth to influence politicians to pass legislation that will ultimately increase their fortunes. They contribute vast amounts of money under the guise of various legitimate lobbies, and concerned-citizen groups for a prosperous America. Unfortunately, this ‘rich get richer mentality’ of the one percent of America leaves the rest of the ninety-nine percent of us with a feeling of being thoroughly exploited and a sense of hopelessness for the future.

The Georgia Pacific Industrial manufacturing company in North Carolina, owned by the Koch brothers’ empire is willing to pay millions of dollars in fines to the federal government in order to continue to pollute the air and water because their profits are so much greater. Their blatant disregard for the health and welfare of their workers and local citizens as well as destroying the environment is unconscionable! Of course not all of the wealthy elite are egotistic, single-minded capitalists like the Koch brothers. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are two examples of what money can do to change the world for the betterment of mankind.

Adolph Hitler tried to systematically eradicate the Jews; physically and mentally disabled, homosexuals, and political decedents which he considered a threat to his ideology of Nazism. That same kind of evil seems to be the modus operandi of the Koch brothers. They are systematically influencing legislators in a more subtle way, in order to achieve more power and money to feed their egos! The perfect conduit for them to accomplish this goal is unfortunately the Republican Party. The Republican ideology of less government control over individual and corporate affairs best meets their personal agenda. One does not see the Koch brothers giving money to finance the campaigns of candidates in the Democratic Party as it would be counterproductive to their personal goals.

I guess what worries me most is the mindset or the lack thereof, of the vast majority of citizens of this country that are willing to divorce themselves from the political process and leave the safe keeping of their welfare in the hands of the so called professionals. How many of us actually vote on Election Day, let alone investigate the voting records of our local, state and federal legislators once they are elected to office? I venture to say that most of us only care when a particular law affects us directly and then it is probably too late to do anything about it!

People like the Koch brothers are slowly determining the future welfare of the American citizen. We are at a crossroads between maintaining democratic values or accepting the ideology of privatization of governmental services. The Koch brothers would love to see government services such as Social Security, Medicare, and Obama Care privatized. Privatization would effectively eliminate federal watchdogs to control corporate affairs. Let us not be delusional, the wealthy really want to govern this country albeit via money given to political campaign funds. Individual and corporate favors are expected in return for their monetary contributions, but as long as it does not cost a fee to vote, the ballot box is our only hope to counter their efforts!

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