Guest editorial: The school board speaks out |

Guest editorial: The school board speaks out

Tania Knauer, JJ Ehlers, Philip N Kaplan, Nancy Garrison, Julie Eihausen, Park City Board of Education

Whole child education is a big part of the Park City Schools of the future. Most of the project list and cost attached to our Proposition 1 School Bond is related to school capacity needs that are driven by growth. In creating this capacity, the whole child healthy, challenged, engaged, safe, and supported. With the bond-financed projects, intentional design concepts incorporate these tenets. The projects, including improvements to STEM pathways, performing arts and athletics, are a major aspect of Park City educating the whole child of the future. These designs support values from our community, in which the economy is based largely on sports and an outdoor recreational lifestyle.

Consolidating new facilities, such as our planned field house and the upgraded Dozier Field to one part of the Kearns Campus gives the school district the most flexibility for future needs, while staying fiscally responsible at present. The school board has listened to community input, weighed options and has agreed that the field house is a wise investment for our children. In fact, in a professionally outsourced community survey, the top two requested capital improvement items were athletic and performing arts spaces. Our community has grown, our music programs have doubled in size and long-overdue improvements are necessary to provide the space our students need.

A strong school district is an important element of keeping our Park City thriving as we face inevitable growth and demographic change. As part of the larger community, the school district participates in a task force with the City, the County, and the Basin Recreation District that makes sure we have teamwork and communication in building the right facilities, maximizing their utilization for the community as a whole (with student academic needs coming first in school facilities) and jointly planning bus and automobile traffic in the least impacting way. The current joint agreements we have do not provide the space or time our student athletic teams need. The proposed field house provides the space for our student athletes, PE classes, band practice and other school programs.

Please contact any of us to get clarification and the facts on Proposition 1 and visit the school district website at for more information. Please vote on Nov. 3 or in early voting starting on Oct. 20.,,,,

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