Guest editorial: Treasure Mountain Junior High should stay |

Guest editorial: Treasure Mountain Junior High should stay

Sadie Ortiz, Treasure Mountain student,

I know that there has been a debate going on about taking down Treasure Mountain Jr. High, with the school district and the school board. I am a 9th grader currently attending Treasure Mountain Jr. High. I wanted to give my opinion and what I think about this school being gone forever.

As a student that is currently attending this school for my second year, I personally think that this school has some great things about it and some awful things, but it’s all about the experience that counts.

I wanted to state the good things first, like that the teachers are great. Most of the teachers here are really good at getting the concept across and teaching us what we have to know. The principal is also amazing, I feel like she really understand us as students and she was also my English teacher in 7th grade and I really liked her. The system is also great. I love how 8th and 9th graders attend this school, because that way no one feels intimidated by anyone; we are all similar in age, and no one is too big or too small, so I really like how 8th and 9th graders get to be together for a year. So, I really think that this school should stay because the teachers are great and so is the system.

Now the thing that no one really likes about our school, the crowded hallways, the crowded hallways almost seem like the walls around us are enclosing as soon as the bell rings and all the students start rushing out of their classrooms like water running down a waterfall. The halls are really the only thing anyone ever complains about.

Yeah, the halls are a big issue trying to get to class on time while you have to plow through everyone else in the hall, while everyone is pushing, shoving, and cussing at each other. It’s very uncomfortable having to walk through those halls with other bodies touching you. I’ve had to experience this myself, having to get to class on time is a struggle. That would probably be the only issue that we have here at Treasure other than how cold the building is in the mornings.

Other than that I have really enjoyed my time at Treasure. It’s for sure an experience that everyone should have to go through just for the kicks and giggles. In my opinion, I think that the building should stay, everyone should have to go through this experience, it really isn’t too bad, and I believe that it’s just something that freshmen should go through. Imagine freshmen having to go to the high school, such a big school with big kids, I would honestly rather stay here.

So, I think that Treasure should stay. I wouldn’t say that I love it, but I really enjoy being here, and I highly think that this building should stay for generations to come.