Guest editorial: Uber benefits both drivers and passengers |

Guest editorial: Uber benefits both drivers and passengers

Sam Rubin, Park City Uber Driver,

Tim Klug, a driver for Park City Transportation, recently questioned the value that Uber brings. As a driver for Uber for the past 13 months I feel that I am more than qualified to help shed light on what an amazing technology and company Uber is.

The Transportation Industry as a whole has not evolved significantly over the past 25+ years. Some of the best companies out there are ones that took an existing industry and improved it. Google did this for search. Expedia did this for travel. Uber has done this for transportation.

Everything that Uber has implemented, such as being able to request a ride from a mobile app, being able to track a driver that is on the way, the ability to get an accurate fare quote in advance of the driver arriving, rating the driver (and providing feedback), paying via a stored credit card, and being able to share with others your route are all things that any local or national transportation company could have implemented—but chose not to.

There are plenty of "white label" apps like Uber that local companies could implement but again they choose not to. Uber has given not only myself, but close to 1,000 people in the state of Utah jobs and the ability to set their own hours. I attended many of the discussions at the State Capitol during the debates about SB294. I heard from Visually Impaired passengers that spoke about how traditional transportation companies would overcharge or take longer than normal routes but now with Uber they felt that they regained their independence. I heard from a father that had to quit his job to take care of his Autistic Son but Uber allowed him to still provide for his family during his free time. I heard from a Mother that was unemployed for close to 24 months that was able to feed her children without handouts or government assistance as a result of Uber. Uber is a great form of income for anyone. It’s hard to believe Tim Klug when he states that Uber only benefits the passenger and Uber nothing could be farther from the truth.

There are many local transportation companies that have joined with Uber to augment their income during non-peak times. There are many drivers for these companies that realize making $10 an hour when the transportation company is charging $150+ for a 45 minute trip to/from the Airport is not fair. I have given close to 5,000 rides to over 9,000+ passengers since joining Uber. I can ensure you that driving for Uber is a VERY profitable source of income. I’d gladly welcome Tim and any other Drivers from local transportation companies to experience driving for Uber. I think you will enjoy the freedom and the added income. Uber will only continue to grow like the old saying goes "if you can’t beat them join them."