Guest opinion: PCMR project threatens Park City’s authentic charm |

Guest opinion: PCMR project threatens Park City’s authentic charm

Nancy Lazenby
Old Town

I am writing today to share my concerns about the PCMR parking lot development. I believe the citizens and visitors of Park City are going to be shocked and appalled if this project gets approved and they see the massive buildings built at the resort.

I am not against this development but want it to be done in a successful and responsible way for all Park City citizens and visitors. I believe the developer should provide an accurate 3-D model prior to moving forward with a vote so the Planning Commission and the town have an understanding of the scale of this project. This is such a small request for such a large project that can alter our little mountain town forever.

For a moment I ask everyone to picture themselves as they are leaving PCMR after a great day of skiing or mountain biking. Picture yourself walking toward the parking lot after coming down the hill at Payday/Crescent lifts. To your right you pass the Legacy Lodge, and as you continue walking through the courtyard you pass the Corner Store on your right, then Baja Cantina on your left.

If the proposed design is built, you won’t notice the lodge or Lowell Condominiums anymore because a massive new residential and parking structure will stand directly in front of you. At 87 feet tall and over 500 feet wide, it will tower over the entire area, dwarfing everything around it. Also right in front of you, and this enormous building, will be a bus transit center and a drop off for shuttles. All of these buses, shuttles and pedestrians will be jammed into this very small area in front of the towering building. It will feel extremely claustrophobic and chaotic. Imagine this.

Today, as you are standing in this exact same spot, facing east, you have a picturesque view of Old Town, with the PC Hill and the Aerie Hill in the background.

This same story continues with every building in this proposed plan. From Park Avenue, or any approaching direction to the mountain, this proposed project will literally rob and wall off the view of the mountain.

The hotel proposed in the lot next to First Time chair is an enormous 103 feet tall. With the exception of two narrow “view corridors” between these giant buildings, we will forever lose this view of our mountain.

If these high-rise buildings are approved, we risk the loss of our town’s character and we put our tourism revenue in jeopardy. With little left to differentiate this mountain from other mountains, we expose ourselves to becoming just another generic ski destination.

Visitors and tourists come to Park City for its romantic, historic mining town ambiance. It is the beautifully preserved, historic two- and three-story commercial buildings on Main Street and the small miner’s homes that give Old Town its authentic charm. This town cannot risk destroying this historic treasure by allowing a development that not only does not fit the environment but egregiously out-scales the entire town.

This proposal currently before the Planning Commission needs to be put on hold until the meetings can once again be done in person and the town can see the magnitude of what is being proposed for our signature Park City Mountain ski resort.

I believe this development can be done in a way that is in keeping with the existing, surrounding buildings without “walling off” the town and everyone from the mountain. I believe it can be done without absolutely destroying our community and its authenticity!

With that in mind, I hope the commissioners do the right thing by voting “no” on this project as it is currently proposed, or at the very least, putting a hold on the vote until the meetings can once again be done in person so the community can see what is being proposed and have their voices heard.

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