Guest opinion: Send me, and the institutional knowledge I bring, back to the City Council |

Guest opinion: Send me, and the institutional knowledge I bring, back to the City Council

Tim Henney
Park City Council candidate

I am running for Park City, not against Park City. My relationship with this town is not transactional; rather it is based in three decades of devoted volunteerism and public service. I believe I embody a perspective that reflects the values, character and culture of many Park City residents which is derived from a 29-year commitment and devotion to Park City.

I’ve participated in numerous community visioning endeavors, served on two Open Space Committees (COSAC), the boards of Mountain Trails Foundation for 15 years and Summit Land Conservancy for five years, as well as represented the residents of Park City as a member of City Council for the last eight, and helped parent two children to adulthood.

As a public servant I am most proud of playing a role in eliminating hundreds of units and millions of square feet of entitled development as a result of land purchased and preserved by the community. During my time on COSAC the Armstrong Farm (Red Barn), Treasure Hill, Bonanza Flat and Gilmore properties were all identified as top priorities yet also recognized as long shots, if not impossible, for preservation. At the conclusion of my eight years on council each of these properties has been purchased and their entitlements removed from the development pipeline.

During my 15 years on the Mountain Trails board the organization evolved from concept into a reality and then action by growing the area trail network from 25 to 400 miles and brought into being an economic driver to achieve better balance between winter and summer tourism, and more importantly an asset beloved by locals.

As a two-term member of council I have a body of work, experience and institutional knowledge which combines historic context with current understanding, essential as we confront growing and powerful forces which threaten to commercialize and monetize our authentic local culture, a threat to the bedrock of our community and what makes Park City unique and special. I know the policy role of council, the community vision expressed in the General Plan, the utility of the Land Management Code in making that vision applicable, the land use compliance role of the Planning Commission, how staff supports these roles in implementing community goals and the need to ensure effective process and collaboration to get things done.

I am curious by nature and have done the work to understand how we have arrived where we are; an accurate reflection of the values and desires of the community, the processes and mechanisms such as visioning and our General Plan that drove us here, as well as the good work of those who preceded us, upon whose shoulders we stand. My experience, history of service and understanding of roles and responsibilities will be valuable on a council which will have a first-time elected representative.

I speak with clarity as an act of kindness, even when delivering information that is hard to hear, not in platitudes. I distinguish facts from fiction, beliefs from truths, and combine both my head and my heart in doing so. I have the courage it takes to speak truth to power, stand up for the community and recognize every vote and decision is going to upset some people, yet doing it anyway.

Park City is a town I am proud to call home. I love where I live and I do so fiercely! I serve at the pleasure of voters and residents, which is a tremendous honor. I respectfully ask for your consideration as I seek a third term as your representative on City Council.

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