Guest opinion: Utah must band with other states to resist Biden gun control measures |

Guest opinion: Utah must band with other states to resist Biden gun control measures

Jerry Heck

It appears that the modus operandi of the radical Biden Administration will require a great deal of effort on a continuous basis by the states in order to preserve our freedoms. I have contacted Gov. Cox, Attorney General Reyes, State Sen. Winterton, Rep. Birkeland and Summit County Sheriff Martinez on this message. I encourage all elected representatives to stand up for our state by resisting the Biden administration’s plan to severely infringe the lawful ownership of firearms.

I foresee a combined assertion of state legislatures to be the key to thwart the authoritarian Biden administration, which refuses to acknowledge federalism or the rights of the individual and is in favor of collectivism, victimization, intersectionalism and identity politics.

I applaud Gov. Cox’s decision on enacting constitutional carry status to our state. Sadly this move will be moot if Joe Biden’s intended constitutional eviscerations go unchallenged. Not only are his intentions an assault on the Constitution, they also affront the individual sovereignty of the states and deny all citizens the inalienably rights of self-preservation as bestowed by God. At no time should a constitutional right be denied, especially by tyrannical fiat posing as an executive order. I propose that Utah’s leaders join Governors Mike Dunleavy, Alaska; Brad Little, Idaho; Greg Abbott, Texas; Mark Gordon, Wyoming; and Kristi Noem, South Dakota, and wholeheartedly resist the administration’s authoritarian overreach either by declaring Utah a Second Amendment sanctuary state, filing a lawsuit in the federal courts, or other definitive actions, as well as forming an alliance with other state attorneys general, legislatures and sheriffs.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The bulwark to the left’s plot is a smoothly functioning, prepared, skilled and competent armed citizenry of American patriots. An armed citizenry is the militia which is necessary for the security of a free state and to prevent government transgression into illegitimacy and lawlessness, especially at these times of civil unrest where disorder is approved with a wink and a nod from the Democratic party.

Sadly, Joe Biden believes that “no amendment is absolute.” Like his mentor Barack Obama, Joe Biden’s actions do not demonstrate love of country or belief in American exceptionalism.

Biden’s thinly veiled goal of reductions in deaths from firearms are as readily disputed as his message is disingenuous. His concerns are not public safety or gun control as much as they are proponents of gun ownership control. The preponderance of ghost guns is hyperbole. These gun kits require precision tools and a decent sized workspace. Assets such as these are not common among evildoers. Red flag laws usurp due process and allow disgruntled individuals to make false accusations that can lead to unwarranted confiscation of firearms. Limiting magazine capacity does not hinder an enraged attacker on unarmed victims. A typical 30-round magazine assists the defender as home invasions in recent times are executed with multiple assailants. The wrist brace facilitates accuracy. The responsible gun owner seeks to neutralize the threat with the minimum use of ammunition. Stray rounds pose a hazard.

Historically, increasing and restrictive gun control leads to unhappy endings as can be seen in the cases of many world leaders over the years.

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