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Hard-working employees ensure holiday is safe and fun


While holiday revelers enjoy all the festivities that Summit County has to offer, there will be a deep bench of dedicated people working extra hours to ensure both guests and residents have the best experiences possible. That includes everyone from police officers and ambulance drivers to chefs and waiters, from snow groomers and lift attendants to musicians.

Those who live in resort towns are used to the fact that the word ‘holiday’ is synonymous with ‘punch in early and stay late’ and that our own personal celebrations must often be enjoyed on the fly, between shifts or perhaps postponed until spring. But that’s what we do.

The price of living year-round in a stunning location, where others can only hope to spend a week or two a year, is that the holidays are extremely busy. And, to be honest, we like it that way. Sometimes we forget how beautiful the ridgeline looks as the moon rises until a visitor looks up and says, "Wow!" And sometimes we take our local trails and ski resorts for granted until a family returns to the lobby, cheeks bright red and kids exclaiming "That was the best day ever."

It has been a challenging year for the tourism industry, with resorts changing hands and unpredictable weather, so this Christmas week we are doubly grateful for the crowded shops and even for the steady flow of traffic into town.

Still, as the week unfolds with all of its responsibilities and pressures, let’s make sure the support crews on the mountain and in the health clinics, prep kitchens, bus garages and patrol cars know how much they are appreciated. In many ways it is the lift attendants, housekeepers and waitstaff who make the biggest impact on our guests. They work hard, often missing their own family gatherings, in order to keep both visitors and residents safe and happy. Some have even traveled from far away to work in what they have heard is an extraordinary community.

So even through the pace is brisk and the days short, take a minute to say thanks, be patient as a new employee tries to master an unfamiliar cash register, offer constructive criticism if a job isn’t up to snuff and be a model host. Kindness is contagious and, when you get right down to it, that is the essence of the holiday spirit.