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Leters to the Editor

Stop Promontory airstrip


After reading Rich Sonntag’s comments regarding the proposed landing strip behind Home Depot it seems that he thinks Promontory folks exist in a vacuum. "It [airstrip] would have no impacts on anyone else," according to Mr. Sonntag. Absolutely amazing; and if it were not so sad it would be laughable. In the words of Don Henley, "How did you get so disconnected?"

It would have huge impacts on the Basin residents in the form of noise and air pollution (Silver Creek is only 1.5 miles from the site); the birds and small animals in the fields behind Home Depot would be stressed as would the small herd of elk and deer that have managed to survive the building in the hills. I would imagine that in addition to the landing strip there would also be hangars and other buildings and fuel tanks, which would then pose a leakage risk to the ground water. (I don’t think that they would want to leave their planes out in the weather).

We already have miniature versions of the Salt Lake City inversion here in the winter. Adding jet fuel emissions to the worsening air quality is not a good idea. And what will an airstrip do to the hot air balloons that launch from that area and drift around the valley? No airstrip, public or private, should be allowed for these reasons alone.

There are two perfectly good airports within 35 miles of Promontory. Perhaps they could use the 20 minutes of travel time to enjoy the beauty of this area, shift from whatever frantic pace they are coming from and practice repeating "This is not a market; this is home."

Summit County is already facing many threats to our "escape from the city" way of life; if you are interested in preserving what is left of it I encourage you to contact the county planner Don Sargent (615-3124, (435) 336-3124) and attend the public hearing in Kamas, tentatively scheduled for June 6, 2007.

Karen and Phil O’Driscoll

Silver Creek

Disappointed in attitudes


I am disappointed, first, in the article in The Park Record, "Anti-Mormon film hits mailboxes in Park City," for its negative bias towards a religion within this community. And, second, I am disappointed that there are people in Park City who think it is funny or acceptable to disparage someone else’s religious beliefs.

We have lived in six different states and have been immersed in communities filled with religious, cultural and ethnic diversity. My boys have had friends who are Muslim, Hindu, Baptist, Catholic and Jewish. We lived among people who, although they disagreed widely in their beliefs, were tolerant and respectful of what others believed. One reason we chose Park City, when moving to Utah, was the hope that our children would continue to experience diversity. Unfortunately, there are many here who think that disparaging others beliefs is OK. I am sad to find religious bigotry here.

I would like to see The Park Record recognize its potential role in bringing our community together, instead of contributing more to divisiveness. I would like to see Park City rise to a higher standard and become a place where we respect and celebrate the differences that make our community interesting and unique.

Marylynne Buford

Member, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Park City

Soaring Wings fundraiser


It was a superb evening at the Blind Dog where our annual spring fundraiser, "Dinner at the Dog", was hosted by the Soaring Wings Education Foundation. Penny and Derrick Kinsey provided an exceptional dining experience for the parents, teachers and friends of Soaring Wings who attended. The combined talents of event chair, Pere Wait, SWEF officers including Jill McLaughlin and Gail Gill, and donation chair Michelle Shaw, made for a flawless event much enjoyed by all and successfully funding scholarships and teacher enrichment for another year. Many thanks to the parents and teachers of our school who leant a hand and to our community for your contributions. After 20 years in Park City I never cease to be grateful to live in a place where each of us can, and does, make a noticeable difference in the world.

Duna Strachan

Executive director

Soaring Wings Montessori School

Great Follies


Thank you, everyone, for an evening of fun at the 2007 Follies. As a newcomer to the Follies, "The minute I stepped through the door" I knew it was going to be fun.

The "Business" side of the follies was a treat every night as we "Stomped" our way through rehearsals and added a few props of our own. There was no way an adult or "child was left behind" when it came to laughs and BooRah.

the time the choir came forth with a bunch of "middle age women/men" singing their hearts out and trying to dance at the same time, the audience was really responding as the participants were singing and swinging!

So now go and plan for next year. Also, keep doing whatever it is we do, so Tom and other writers, won’t have to seek out material for the 2008 Follies.

I had a great time at the Egyptian during all four shows!

Pat Horyna

Park City

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