Letter, June 16-18: Dead and dying trees could make a wildfire in Park City worse | ParkRecord.com

Letter, June 16-18: Dead and dying trees could make a wildfire in Park City worse

The root of the problem

I believe Park City has an arborist on staff. Has that person assessed and evaluated all the dead and dying trees in Park City? Just driving around, I’ve lost count of all the dead trees on city property, commercial property and private property. Why aren’t these trees tagged for removal? We are in an extreme drought situation and all these dead evergreens and dead aspens are tinder for any spark or any potential fire.

I believe it was in March or April when there was a guest editorial or letter to the editor which also addressed the dead tree situation in Park City. In last Wednesday’s paper, a “perspective” piece specifically addressed the dangerous fire season that we are headed for in the West. The third paragraph addresses “the impact that this rapid warming and drying is having on trees leading to widespread tree death.” It’s been happening in Park City for several years and it doesn’t seem as if anyone is being proactive in cutting down and removing all these dead and dying trees before there is a fire. I am sure the Park City Fire District would be greatly appreciative if the city was proactive and immediately removed all this potential tinder for the fires that could come.

Diane Thompson

Park Meadows

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