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Letter, May 5-7: Don’t poison Park City

Don’t poison Park City

Park City may soon be home to a brand new poisonous, dangerous and ill-conceived toxic waste site. You won’t see that in a brochure. Just what we don’t need is more toxic dumping in Park City. If you know a little bit about the history Park City you know that it has been an environmental disaster. The dumping that has gone on over the last 100-plus years is shameful. Maybe previous generations didn’t know what they were doing, but today we have got to have our eyes wide open and we have to be very careful. What is going on right now with Park City’s (not Summit County’s) proposed dump in between the Rail Trail and Round Valley, along the S.R. 248 corridor and parks and wetlands, has got to be stopped. There has not been proper public engagement, there has not been environmental oversight, there has not been ONE ARTICLE in The Park Record as of Saturday’s edition. And the public comment period for the department of environmental quality was scheduled to end Tuesday! The public is completely unaware of what a handful of people at City Hall are trying to do.

Tuesday was the last day to submit public opinion to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality and who knows about this? Not many people. So you might hear reassurances from our current mayor and other proponents of this awful idea, but this is something that needs some good trouble, some good people and some better ideas. People have already started dumping waste at this site without a public hearing and without DEQ approval.

There have not been any top scientists or environmentalists involved in this process. The public comment period ended Tuesday without a single story in the newspaper. And the county does not support this. This is City Hall at its worst. We the people are not being represented here.

Speak out now. Protect Park City. Don’t poison it! Not without a fight!

Rich Wyman



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