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Letter to the editor, Aug. 31-Sept. 2: Reject the 2022 assessment

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Taking money out of the pockets of residents

Thousands of corporations and 2nd home owners get tax reductions.

As opposed to speculating on the magnitude of the property tax inequity, we purchased and analyzed the tax records ourselves – the results are shocking.

Here are the main takeaways:

  • 10,000+ properties (23%) received no change to market value 2021-2022
  • 14,000+ properties (33%) received tax bill decreases
  • Multiple properties haven’t been updated since 2003!

Many of these are Deer Valley 2nd homes and commercial properties that haven’t had market value increases in several years.

How can any property have no change to market value with the skyrocketing 2021 real estate market? We quickly queried over 10,000 of them! These are all causing properties with accurate assessments to pay more than their share.

Utah law states: Assessments of property are just and equal according to fair market value and that the tax burden is distributed without favor or discrimination;U.C.A. §59-1-210(7).

Our elected officials are aware of this unjust / illegal treatment and are allowing it to happen. They are literally taking money out of the pockets of our residents and giving it to 2nd home owners and corporations. They know that if the assessment were done fairly, properties with current assessments near FMV would get little to no tax increase.

The Summit County Council can vote to reject the 2022 assessment, we implore them to do so despite the fact that the State Tax Commission will do everything possible to prevent this from happening.

Please contact our elected officials and let them know that you are aware of this unjust, illegal treatment. We have compiled a list of some of them at: http://www.PCTaxJustice.org.

Jeff Danos

Park Meadows


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