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Letters, April 27-29: Eagle eye on parking at PCMR

Letters to the editor

A question for Mike Lee

Please ask Senator Mike Lee, the Constitutional expert, if he was part of the attempted coup on January 6th. It seems that anyone who would attempt to change the electoral vote, as Lee did, is guilty of a Great Crime. Instead of putting him in jail, where he and his fellow criminals belong, Summit County Republicans hailed him at their recent meeting…except for the few who booed the boob.

It will be interesting to see if Lee is called to testify under oath at the House hearings, starting in May. At that time, the world will see what these Republican holy men tried to do to this country. I hope the hearings will wake up the facts-don´t-matter Republicans in this state—but I’m not holding my breath.

Mike Eberlein

Park City

An insincere thanks to Vail Resorts

I’d like to thank Vail for their solicitous offer of help to ease Park City traffic by charging guests to park at the Vail, PCMR, Provo Developer and/or Unknown Holding Company Parking Lot. But the thanks, just like their offer, would be insincere, a delayed disguise for future mass development of the property and a diversion of planning resources from real traffic solutions for the rest of our town.

Park City may have already crossed the Rubicon on its way to Vaildom but, with a nod to long odds and slim hope, that’s no reason to quit trying. Good luck.

Nick Wright

Canyons Village

Thanks, from Trailside

The teachers and staff at Trailside would like to thank our wonderful community for showing us amazing support and love! Two weeks ago, we had coffee delivered- “just because!” Several staff members have had emails sent with messages of love, thanks and support. These mean the world to us.

Last Friday, we were surprised with bouquets of roses for every staff member and a large crowd gathered outside holding a huge sign: “We Love Our Trailside Teachers and Staff” amid cheers and waves from parents and students. Thank you so much! Your kindness is felt and there were many tears of joy from this kind gesture. We appreciate this more than you can know. What an amazing Trailside community and PTO! We are so fortunate to work with you all!

Trailside Teachers and Staff

When is enough, enough Park City?

Deer Valley and PCMR and their “for profit” parent companies continue to achieve all time record profits as well as record returns on their equity and investments. Yet their unrelenting appetite and demands for additional development and unsustainable footprint on our community seems to have no end in sight.

The relentless demands for expansion by Deer Valley and PCMR, seems to only benefit Deer Valley and PCMR and not the community or the residents who call Park City home. Interesting PCMR said they couldn’t get enough workers to keep lifts running and grooming trails up to speed to keep the mountain safe. However, I notice this year that Solitude, Snowbird, Alta and others had no problem keeping lifts open and trails safely groomed for their patrons. Thank you for the insulting letter to the editor from the President and CEO of PCMR. Do they really believe that Parkites are that ignorant of the truth?

Now under the disguise of “traffic issues” PCMR is instituting a paid parking requirement. When has PCMR ever cared about traffic? I drive into town for work on Route 248 every day and the traffic has continued to slow each and every year, and is getting worse.

Where are Summit County and Park City officials in this process? When will they stop the rubber stamping of these projects and passing on their fiduciary responsibility to the community? New projects are fine, however these projects also need to be financially burdened with the required infrastructure by Deer Valley and PCMR. If PCMR is really interested in eliminating traffic then I am supposing that our trusted officials will demand parking vouchers to all locals in return so that Parkites may benefit just like PCMR will from charging for parking to visitors.

I am not disappointed in Deer Valley or PCMR’s owners for making their relentless request for development, it is only expected by companies that are avaricious and leech’s. However, I am disappointed in our city and county officials for not representing our communities best interests and for being such sell-outs! It’s amazing how little it takes to influence an elected official in Park City and Summit County these days. Who is thinking about the future footprint of Park City? When is Enough, Enough Park City!

Greg A. Tunney

Park City

Eagle eye on parking at PCMR

It seems a no-brainer that the Eagle chair needs to be upgraded. If the purpose of this 8 person chair is to ease congestion at the base, adding another 250 parking spots (regardless of location) is going to dilute whatever gains were intended.

The Land Management Code needs to be amended to make this uphill capacity expansion possible without being required to add new parking spaces. As a corollary, if the proposed main parking lot project that is being planned and debated is ultimately approved, does the Code require that PCMR replace any lost parking spaces from this new development?

Christer Whitworth

Salt Lake City


No head in the sand here

Sorry, Geoff, you’ve missed the ENTIRE reason why so many of us are opposed to Dakota Pacific’s project.

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