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Letters, Aug. 7-10: Readers weigh in on primary ahead of Tuesday’s election

The buck should stop at the mayor’s office

Let’s review some of the history of Andy Beerman’s term as mayor, especially the past 18 months. Beerman gave us the murals painted on Main Street on the Fourth of July 2020.

He allowed at least $15,000 of taxpayer money to be spent to promote his own political agenda, especially promoting Black Lives Matter (BLM). This is the same Andy Beerman who “fired” Diane Foster, our extremely competent female city manager, for reasons he never explained, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the taxpayers. This is the same Andy Beerman who promoted hazardous waste dump inside city limits, until it was exposed to the taxpayers! When the “heat in the kitchen” got too hot, Beerman called for a “moratorium” until after the elections! This fiasco has already cost Park City taxpayers. This is the same Andy Beerman who “cut off” questioning by Angela Moschetta at a recent 3 1/2 hour Park City Council forum. (For those who think he listens, this was caught on tape and is with us in perpetuity!) This is the same Andy Beerman who caused the total breakdown in relations with the Summit County Council and therefore we now have two bus systems, now run by two well-paid bureaucracies!

I can go on and on with examples, but the picture is clear. As Harry S. Truman, one of the greatest presidents the United Sates has ever had, said, “The buck stops here!”

We need a change in the mayor’s office. I have know Nann Worel over nine years, ever since we moved to Park City permanently. Nann is a real leader who listens and takes all input, good or bad. She pays attention to our seniors, she pays attention to our traffic issues, she pays attention to our infrastructure and water issues, on and on. This is what real leaders do. Please join me in voting for Nann Worel in the August primary and electing the first woman to be mayor of Park City!

Chuck Haggerty



Rubell will provide leadership

Jeremy Rubell will bring a business perspective to City Council that is essential, and he has proven he will do the work … not just talk about it. From what I understand, he is the only candidate who gathered signatures instead of paying his way onto the ballot. That’s right, the only one who committed the time and did the work.

To me, that says a lot!

Just the other day I was with Jeremy when someone approached him, with the preface that they weren’t eligible to vote and would understand if he didn’t have the time right now. He said “even if you can’t vote, you are a member of this community and deserve to be heard.” This is the kind of person we need representing us — always willing to listen with values and qualities that echo who we are, again proving our community is the real priority, not capturing votes at all costs.

I believe he has the ability to distill issues down to their meaningful components and propose realistic plans that line up to strategic goals, no doubt a carryover from his successful career. His wheels seem to always be turning, turning over rocks most people don’t even see as he thinks of the future, not just the now. He knows the right questions to ask, which is a critical skill. I own a commercial real estate and a capital investment firm; I know business and financial acumen when I see it.

Jeremy continues to impress.

Although I have seen many successes and failures in Park City for close to 20 years now, you don’t have to take it from me. Just go ask around town.

Whether you run into long time Parkites, or relatively new ones, there is an energetic buzz about Jeremy for a reason.

We all need this kind of proactive and practical leadership that I believe Jeremy will provide.

Vote Jeremy Rubell for City Council!

Michael and Diane Willner

Park City


Park Record shirking responsibility

COVID has affected The Park Record financially, (ie. home delivery is now mail delivery). That still doesn’t explain or excuse The Park Record shirking its responsibility to discuss the importance of this year’s City Council election and provide information on the candidates.

As a 35-year Park City homeowner and 11-year voting resident, this may be the most important City Council election we have ever had. We “old timers” shouldn’t look back bemoaning the “lost” past; rather, we and all Park City voters should look at the many complex issues and problems facing us today, realizing that the decisions this “new” City Council makes or doesn’t make will affect our beloved town now and for years to come

I don’t know about you, but when I opened my ballot, I hadn’t a clue about the candidates: who they are (how long they lived here, their credentials, their involvement in the community), why they were running and what they stand for (the issues, their personal agenda(s), how they would govern.) Except for the occasional yard sign, I know nothing but names, nothing about the persons behind the names. The primary ballots are out, yet there will be only one public forum where all of the candidates will gather and speak. Previously, The Park Record interviewed individual candidates and sent out questionnaires comparing their answers. Where was this vital information this year?

We hope that the eventual council winners are thoughtful, caring, hardworking and open-minded. With the general election not until Nov. 2, The Park Record and the finalists should be responsible and use this opportunity to provide more information about the candidates so we can be better-informed electors. I take my votes seriously; I am sure that you do too.

Judy Horwitz

Deer Valley


No head in the sand here

Sorry, Geoff, you’ve missed the ENTIRE reason why so many of us are opposed to Dakota Pacific’s project.

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