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Letters, Jan. 2-5: Utah should bring back vehicle safety inspections

Bring back safety inspections

Having turned wrenches most of my life, decades ago with an extensive period of building fast-driving sports cars and, at times, conducting vehicle safety inspections, it blows me away that our state legislators did away with safety inspections! I can’t think of a single reason for such a move. There seem to be rather frequent collisions with law enforcement vehicles and, when we actually had snow last year, there were at least a couple of news reports that showed cars with bald tires. I frequently see cars with taillights or brake lights that aren’t working and suspect we all know there are cars on the road that are not insured and most likely unsafe to drive. Inspections were very inexpensive and an easy way to make sure, at least at the time of inspection, that insurance was in place and all systems were go. It shouldn’t be the burden of law enforcement exclusively to notice cars with obvious faults and pull them over to determine if registrations and proof of insurance are valid. What can we do to bring these measures back for the safety of everyone on the road?

Bob Berube

Park City


No tax increase

My jaw dropped when I read a tax increase may be needed to finance the arts and culture district.

I am stunned and disappointed this project mowed down my beloved Maverick store where petroleum was convenient, staff put air in my auto tires and a weak battery was juiced. The staff and services, both inside and out, were unparalleled.

The city took Maverick away from Park City residents and now is considering raising our taxes to fund an idea that was premature. So sad.

Beth Souther

Deer Valley


Which do you choose?

As of this writing, I see total reported COVID-19 deaths include Australia at 909 and the United States at 338,290. In terms of deaths per 100,000 population, that’s 3.8 for Australia vs. 101 for the U.S. So, the U.S. death rate is reported to be 26.5 times higher than down under. Consider that folks down under live in cities and suburbs (more so near the coasts), and on farms, just like we do here. And their continent contains vast areas of desolate landscapes, while it is at the same time served by all the major airlines, just like ours. Oh, and regardless of where we live on the planet, we all take about 23,000 breaths from the same biosphere each day, every day. As Billy Shakespeare penned while organizing his thoughts to entertain and challenge, “something is rotten in the State of Denmark.”

Meanwhile, ridiculous images are everywhere. There’s a football fumbled every 20 minutes, and cameras reveal the pile of players scraping for the ball while masked officials reach in to pull them apart. Basketball players buttress each other in the lane, kickboxers make love on the mat, while some skiers, always more than six feet separated, take pains to cover their noses on a 40-degree day.

There’s life as brought to you through your powered devices, and there’s real life. They are not the same. Which do you choose to live?

Gus Sharry

Summit Park


Article missed mark

While reading Alexander Cramer’s laudatory article about Kim Carson leaving her position on the Summit County Council, I came across a grammatically incorrect sentence which peaked my interest. Quoting the ubiquitous “Others have said,” Cramer went on to describe Carson “as an example to other women.” I wondered why the exemplary character traits of Carson would not be applicable to men as well as women i.e. strength of character, in equal measure to her preparedness and competence.” Certainly Cramer could not be referencing the 1950s status of women when many women were unpaid for their brains, character and determination, while filling many community roles because that was all that was available and acceptable. I’m sure there are women in the community who would jump at the chance to spend time and energy in community service but have other needs, many requiring money. The women I have met in Park City do not need examples to shape their lives in ways that are both individual and community driven, and most of them do both.

Maureen Lahey

Park City


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