Letters, Jan. 21-24: This tipping is out of control | ParkRecord.com

Letters, Jan. 21-24: This tipping is out of control

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This tipping is out of control

I just read Amy Roberts’s column on tipping, “Tipping’s tipping point.” She nailed it! Tipping is totally out of control. I don’t have a problem hitting the no tip” button when it is presented to me on a computer. Hospitality staff deserve tips. Folks that hand me a product from the other side of the counter ( pizza, hardware, clothing, car repair, etc.) are getting paid wages and don’t need a tip. I might add that the amount I tip depends on the level of service I receive. If the service is below par ,the tip goes down. I remember when the appropriate tip for good service was 15%. I wonder how it increased to 20%. When the price of the product goes up, the 15% tip goes up proportionally.

I have worked for tips and I worked hard to earn the 15%. I do currently tip 20% for good service (at the appropriate occasion). I might add, if it was appropriate to tip journalists, Amy Roberts deserves at least 25% for that column. I always read her column (along with the two Toms). Keep up the good work.

Jim Tedford 

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