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Letters: June 8-10: A terrible location for housing

Letters to the editor

Prospector party successful

On behalf of the Prospector Square Property Owners Association, I want to thank the Park Record for their thoughtful editorial on Saturday and for the community at large for attending our first-ever Berrett Lane Block Party. We believe we could have had close to 500 show up during the evening.

As a first-ever event, we didn’t know quite what to expect, and we were pleasantly surprised by how many Parkites showed up and wanted an event targeted at locals. Thanks to Rich Wyman, Dana Williams and Chip Jenkins for four-hours of wonderful music and to our participating eating establishments . . . . Salt Box, Este Pizza and Guest Haus Juice Bar.

We have spent close to $2 million in upgrading Prospector Square in the last four years, and we are not done. Our next event is planned for Saturday, July 16, noon to 6 p.m. A Neighborhood Appreciation Party, it will also feature music and food. This event will be on our recently refurbished Berrett Lane between Poison Creek and Gold Dust.

Again, thank you.

Craig Dennis

Executive Director

Prospector Square

A terrible location for housing

Why on earth would anyone consider stuffing a high density housing development in valuable open space in a key wildlife corridor with quiet trails crossing it using AH as the overriding wedge? You cannot manufacture or save more open space by eliminating it or developing it. This mindless push to build AH on sensitive land is not what the citizens voted for or want to see from our current leadership. In order to continue to peddle this R/E development project on city property using an up-zone in a terrible location, our own city staff and leaders must leave out and ignore the most important factual information that really matters, shamelessly using AH as the hammer and wedge. This key open space location was meant to be left alone and was specifically discussed as sensitive and worth saving during the Flagstaff negotiations 15 years ago. The General Plan also specifically discourages any development on entry corridors, which this is. It also ignores the 1st failed attempt sent quickly packing for many reasons just last year. Every citizen should be alarmed about this backroom deal. This sensitive location stands today as a valuable community open space asset, serving not only as important wildlife habitat and natural area with trails throughout, but also as a quiet buffer zone between the Flagstaff mess and Old Town cherished by residents and visitors alike. This is a bad idea driven once again by special interest quotas that shows very poor judgement. Whoever is behind this worst-possible location should be fired.

Peter Marth

35-year Old Town resident

Join the Women’s Giving Fund

2,022 women helping other women and children in Park City!

That’s the goal of Park City Community Foundation‘s powerful Women’s Giving Fund. A one-time gift of $1,000 makes you a life-time member of this wonderful group.

Every year the proceeds offer high-impact grants for projects that empower women in this town and our members choose those projects.

Grants have gone to early childhood education, transitional housing for families experiencing abuse, medical and counseling services for women, caregivers of elderly adults, and youth mentorship programs. Women in Park City have always been a powerful group, and joining the Women’s Giving Fund makes you a part of 2,022 powerful Park City women.

You are never alone in Park City with Park City women behind you!

Join the Women’s Giving Fund and be a part of gathering, grantmaking, and supporting women and children in this community.


Sydney Reed

Park Meadows

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