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Letters, March 13-16: I love you, Park City

A love letter to Park City

Dearest Park City,

Today I am writing you a love letter. I have had some things on my mind and feel the need to get them down on paper, so you know how I feel about you. This has been an incredibly challenging year, made slightly more challenging because last week I had a terrifying ski accident (in Montana — don’t worry it didn’t happen on your terrain), and am scheduled for surgery (my second in less than two years) in two weeks. I know, so far this doesn’t read like a love letter, but I’m getting there.

Through all of the hardship, COVID changing our lives, online school/hybrid school, being “stuck” here in our little town has been just about the best place I could ever hope to be “stuck” during a pandemic. Being able to enjoy the beauty of your mountains, rocks and trails got me through the spring, summer and fall of 2020, and playing outside in your snowy winter has gotten me through the first part of 2021.

Unfortunately, the ski season is over for me this year, which brings me to the love part. It occurred to me that YOU have managed to attract truly incredible people to live here. This community, which has lifted me up SO many times, after falls, surgeries, health scares and hardships, is here because of YOU! You bring all of these amazing people together in the one place that I am so lucky to call home. I don’t know how you’ve done it. It seems you handpicked the very kindest people, the ones who drop everything to be there for others with support, food, encouragement and tequila.

I wanted to make sure you know how I feel about you, that I am grateful, that I love you and appreciate everything you are. I am here for you too.

With so much love,

Allison Dittmer

Snyderville Basin


Is this a reward for loyalty?

I’m a big fan of Vail Resorts and how it combined and transformed Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons into a first-class destination resort. I’m also impressed how well it has handled the on-mountain COVID policies that enabled its guests to safely enjoy the resort this winter.

My wife and I are longtime Epic Pass owners and every year we have a Christmas ski trip and bring our adult children to Park City. This year with the uncertainty of COVID we only booked the trip for the kids because of the Epic Pass coverage. In a normal year we would use buddy or companion tickets the days the kids wanted to ski. As it turned out, two of our children got COVID just prior to the vacation and got very sick and had to quarantine and were unable to travel. One of them developed post-COVID cardiac myopathy and still has not fully recovered three months later. Vail was notified and the tickets were canceled prior to the ski dates so Vail could sell those spots to someone else. Epic had us fill out claim forms through American Claims Management. This was done by our childrens’ physicians along with their positive COVID test results in a timely manner. After waiting two months for a reply the claim was denied because Epic Coverage didn’t refund for “apprehension or inconvenience.” My children were sick and one of them is still suffering from the results of COVID. I would be happy to send additional supporting information such as abnormal EKGs, echocardiograms and cardiac MRIs.

I’ve placed multiple calls to my claim representative and left voicemails with no response. Multiple calls have been placed to supervisors and both always have full voicemails and messages can’t be left. None of them have responded to emails either. I’m so disappointed that Vail Resorts/PCMR would partner with such a subpar company. This is not how your loyal customers should be treated.

John Arsen

Rochester, Michigan


Compromise needed in our politics

Faithful political representatives of the people in ancient Rome participated in peaceful negotiation and regular compromise with their adversaries.

This concept of “concordia” was so highly admired by the citizenry that a temple and a bronze statue were built for lady compromise, and people worshipped her as a god in heaven. The nation knew that conceding ground was better than civil war.

Besides the virtuous habits of elected officials, there were other, legal avenues to guarantee the peace in Rome. One was an effort made to preserve a written law that assured rights for all, and another was a regularly used impeachment process for public officials who overlooked the law.

Still another way to achieve harmony between individuals and social classes was to enforce short terms of office, so politicians did not have time to burrow into hardened silos.

Today, almost everyone holding power in Washington has been there for decades. We need more education about the constitution, more impeachment and shorter terms of office.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross


Great customer service

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the great job all the support medical personal and volunteers have provided Judie and I during our three shots, so far, related to our COVID-19 vaccinations. In each instance, everyone at the Utah Film Studios site has been wonderfully kind, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They readily answer our questions and create a safe, comfortable environment. Our average time at the location has been less than 15 minutes, plus 15 minutes of recovery wait time. The customer service levels reminds us of other large participant events that provide similar great experiences such as the LOTOJA Bike Race and the New York City Marathon.

Thanks, to all of you who dedicate your time and care to ease what can be a bit of an apprehensive, unknown experience. You’re the BEST!

Randy and Judie Howatt

Snyderville Basin

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