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Letters, March 27-30: When will it be time to unmask?

When can we unmask?

“To mask or not to mask” — that is the question. We aren’t “there” yet, but how will we know when we are actually there?

How about this: When everyone in Utah has had the opportunity to receive the full course of a vaccine, then we can go anywhere in public without a mask. Why? Because at that point the vast majority of us will be at extremely low risk to contract or transmit the COVID virus. Business owners and private groups can still mandate masks, but that’s up to them. If individual Utahns choose not to be vaccinated (for whatever reason) and they still feel vulnerable, then it is their responsibility to take appropriate safety precautions, as it always has been during normal cold and flu seasons.

If this approach is not reasonable, then the entire rationale for a vaccine is extremely weak.

Ken Miller

Jeremy Ranch


Learn how to recycle

I’m writing in response to “A Wasted Effort,” a letter in the March 20-23 edition about our local curbside recycling program. Recycling can be challenging with varied rules in varied communities. Learning how to properly use your local recycling resources is very important.

It is inevitable that some contamination in any commingled curbside program will exist and some items may end up in the landfill. When using the Summit County curbside program, I encourage everyone to focus on what is not accepted. To get started, do not put your recyclables in a bag. They all need to be loose in the bin. Glass, Styrofoam and soft plastics (bags) are not allowed in your curbside recycling bin. These three items (and many more!) are accepted at Recycle Utah. When it comes to cleanliness, all materials need to be at least 90% clean. No need to waste a lot of water to clean that peanut butter jar, which can be wiped out with a used paper towel.

Recycle Utah is different than curbside programs, we are a nonprofit, self-sorting facility. Thanks in part to our guests’ attention to sorting and the financial support of our community, all items accepted at Recycle Utah are recycled.

Together, we can educate ourselves, our neighbors as well as our friends about recycling to ensure we are all doing our part in keeping recyclable items out of our landfill. Still have questions about recycling? Please call Recycle Utah at 435-649-9698. We are here to help.

Eric Moldenhauer

Recycle Utah communications director


A mockery of zoning laws

Regarding the proposed Highland Flats development — I keep coming back to one question: Why would a developer purchase the property knowing it was zoned rural residential if his intention was to build multiple housing units? Being a business man/woman I would assume they did their due diligence and knew the zoning on the property. If they didn’t, shame on them. Did an individual(s) indicate that changing the zoning would be no big deal, a mere formality? Seems rather suspect. Would you buy a piece of property that was zoned residential with the intention of putting a pig farm on it? Would getting a zoning change be a mere formality — easy to do? I think not.

This, and similar situations (the Tech Center) make a mockery of the zoning laws, the master plan and other laws that the average individual must adhere to.

Susan Alleva



Next season will be Epic, not Ikonic

I was never very good at math but I know $583 including tax for an 2021/22 Epic Locals Pass is a better deal then $2,382.86 including tax for a 2021/22 Deer Valley senior pass and an Ikon Pass. I have had an Epic Locals Pass and a Deer Valley senior pass for many years. Vail Resorts obviously appreciates my patronage and is giving me an opportunity to ski PCMR and several other resorts for a considerable savings next winter. Alterra Mountain Company, on the other hand, doesn’t give a hoot about my loyalty and has raised the price of my Deer Valley senior pass significantly.

Next winter my local ski days will be exclusively at PCMR and the $1,799.86 I save will pay for the lodging and gas to visit some other Vail Resorts properties. Eleven blackout days (when I don’t want to ski anyway) is a good trade-off for a couple of “ski vacations.”

Jim Tedford

Park City


Our beautiful community

As the snows melt, trash grows from underneath its protective layer — kind of like weeds!

As the weather warms up and we get outside, let’s carry a trash bag and pick and clean up our roadsides and trails. Don’t forget to pick up an extra 10 karma poops!

A beautiful community starts with each of us.

Leslie Masters

Snyderville Basin

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