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Letters: May 11-13: No more lawns

Letters: May 11-13: No more lawns

What’s not in the Constitution

In the recently released US Supreme Court draft document which overturns Roe vs Wade, Justice Alito says Women are never mentioned in the Constitution, therefore the right to abortion should not be considered. In the first sentence, The Constitution says, “We, the people… Today, half the people in the US are female. Roe vs Wade has stood for almost 60 years, as a guarantee that women have the right to an abortion. What isn’t stated in the Constitution are the words: God, Jesus, Christian, Bible, Filibuster, Corporations, Police, Marriage or the number of Supreme Court Justices. So it would seem to me that the Trump appointed, completely biased, six dunces, should have no trouble, over turning each and every decision that isn’t mentioned in the Constitution— Precedence be damned.

Mike Eberlein

Park City

No more lawns

I would like to see a movement in this state to no longer allow lawns,

houses have to be zero scaped. It would include everyone no would be

exempt from it. You violate $10,000 fine like in Oakley. We can’t afford

what is happening. It is permanent at this stage in time. If you want a

lawn astroturf. It is being used everywhere and looks wonderful. Plant

desert plants in your yard. No more of this imbecilic idea it is my

right to do what I want to with my property. We have passed that now. I

don’t water my yard in Oakley and it is green. I have poppies, sage and

other wild plants. I don’t want to be told next year you can only bathe

once a week.

Willis Richardson


Rebalance the Supreme Court

This is a scary moment. According to a leaked draft opinion, the Supreme Court is preparing to dismantle abortion rights across America. As a result, twenty-six states could outlaw abortion, including 13 that have passed “trigger” laws to take effect immediately after the Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

This news should set off alarm bells for all Americans. Our fundamental freedoms are coming under attack by a hyper-partisan supermajority on the Court. And this could just be the beginning. But there’s a way to fight back, which is why I’m urging Congress to pass the Judiciary Act of 2021.

The Judiciary Act would rebalance the Supreme Court by adding four new seats, giving us 13 justices in total. It’s just what we need to move away from extremely partisan rulings and restore the legitimacy of the Court—and it’s been done before. In fact, Congress has changed the size of the Supreme Court seven times already in our nation’s history. A recent poll showed that the majority of Americans support expanding the court again now.

It’s past time for Congress to get on board with this crucial bill.

Rebecca Page

Park City

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