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Letters, May 15-18: Say no to paid parking at PCMR

Say no to paid parking

PEG Companies and the Park City Planning Commission will be meeting shortly to discuss paid parking along with allowing an (approximate) 84-foot-tall building project which is currently zoned for 35 feet. What is in it for the taxpayers of Park City but the privilege of paying for parking?

Paid parking will increase traffic, not decrease traffic as PEG claims. Many of us will have family members, friends or ridesharing services drop us off and then pick us up. This would require two round trips to PCMR, not one. Please don’t forget the backups (which already are there) onto S.R. 224 and S.R. 248, which will get worse as there is a time factor to pay for parking. I urge the Planning Commission to vote NO on all exemptions for PEG unless they guarantee free parking for the taxpayers of the town of Park City and address the traffic issues.

Stuart Goldner

Park Meadows


The waiting game

Hopefully President Biden will make nuclear deals with Iran and North Korea. However, it is equally to be hoped that he does not repeat the fatal flaw of the first Iran deal: It imposed a waiting period for the inspection of suspected sites. This would have allowed them to move the materials for making a nuclear weapon — such as enriched uranium — to a second site during the waiting period for the first site; then when the second site would come under suspicion, it would have a waiting period during which the material could be moved to a third site; and so on. (That is why a future president may cancel the deal again.)

Alvin Blake

Park City


Leave waste where it is

I would say leave the mine waste where it is undisturbed. Fence it or cap it or otherwise mitigate it. Build the arts and culture district at Richardson Flat.

Jeff Zenger



Keep handicap-accessible bus route

I’ve been a longtime resident of Silver Springs, and it upsets me that the county is getting rid of the 7 Pink bus route, and changing it to some type of “on-demand” connector van/bus to other hubs.

I have a physical disability, and do not drive, so the 7 Pink bus routes have been, and continue to be, a godsend for me, allowing me to maintain my independence. The bus route is a five-minute walk from my house and, basically, connects me everywhere I need to go in the city. The proximity to public transit was one of the main reasons that my parents moved us into Silver Springs 17 years ago.

Another benefit of the 7 Pink bus is that it lowers, without needing to extend a wheelchair lift/ramp. I am quite short, 4-foot-10, so having the ability to get on and off the bus is a necessity for me. If you switch it to one of the “circulator” vans or something to that effect, I already know that I will not be able to get in and out without quite a bit of assistance.

Even though these vans have running boards, and handles to grab onto, they still aren’t low enough for me to get in and out of without a bit of a struggle, and I always need assistance from the driver. During COVID times, and after, I really don’t want to need someone to help me in and out of a van, when I should just be able to get in and out of a lowered bus by myself.

The High Valley Transit system website says that we have to identify that we have limitations ahead of time, so that they know how to help you if you need it. I really don’t want to have to explain it every time or have to advertise it on a “profile.” This singles out differently abled people.

I would really appreciate the chance to maintain my independence, avoid the pre-conceived judgment and need of assistance by having the handicap-accessible 7 Pink bus routes still run through my neighborhood.


A very concerned, handi-capable Silver Springs resident.

Whitney Reid

Silver Springs


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