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Letters, May 28-31: Put dragons on barn, too

Put dragons on barn, too

I think it’s a terrific idea to paint the iconic white barn with rainbow colors to celebrate Pride Month.

But why stop there? For Juneteenth we should paint it black; for Indigenous People Day we could do red and brown and for Chinese New Year adorn it with fearsome dragons.

After a year of highlighting and recognizing the racist past of Park City, Utah and the Unite States we should burn the barn down in a symbolic torching of white privilege.

Once that’s done Park City should erect a huge sign that says “WE ARE WOKE” to welcome all the Progressive-only tourists who will be flocking here for political enlightenment rather than recreational fun.

Austin Hardy

Park City

Personal views, public monies

I thought you folks at City Hall would have learned a lesson the last time it was decided to make a public statement in support of a political gesture. The 30-foot mural painted on Main Street and paid for with public funds was inappropriate and a display of bad judgment.

Councilwoman Becca Gerber, supported by councilman Max Doilney, apparently now want Park City’s paid lobbyist to represent to the State Legislature that the residents of this town are pro-abortion advocates. No doubt, some are and some aren’t. And by all means, Becca, you are entitled to your personal views. But don’t use the city’s tax revenues to pay a lobbyist to misrepresent to the State Legislature that he or she is speaking for my views or those of Park City residents as a whole.

Jim Helfand

Park City

Gun reform not politicizing

It is not politicizing to want to talk about gun reform and policies after yet another horrific mass shooting in our country. I hope our leaders understand it is our intense emotional response in search of swift action to stop these events that CONTINUE to happen in the USA. I hope our leaders understand that we are looking for justifiable action to ensure this does not happen in our community as well as any other community ever again.

Carol Librizzi

Silver Springs

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