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Letters, Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Sounding off on the Park City election

Stick to the issues

It’s wonderful so many of us feel connected to, and are engaged in, our community. Certainly, far preferable to citizen indifference or complacency. We are truly lucky. But passion without compassion can be counterproductive and unnecessarily hurtful.

I believe most “Parkites” feel public personal attacks against the mayoral and City Council candidates (and for that matter, community leaders and City Hall employees) are unwarranted and unwelcome. Most of Park City’s most pressing issues are growth related (resort development, traffic, parking, affordable housing, public transportation, etc.) to which the candidates have offered differing perspectives and solutions. I know each of them — regardless of whether you agree with their positions or even the accuracy of their arguments — is a good person with good intentions.

We are weeks away from the election. In the interest of civil discourse and an open exchange of ideas and hopefully solutions, let’s stick to the issues. We are all neighbors. In the end we will all have to work together for the betterment of Park City.

Michael Kaplan

Old Town


Worel offers genuine leadership

Last October, we moved from Park City back to Texas but for the five years prior, our family resided full time in Park Meadows. I understand the fabric of the Park City community and wanted to offer some words of support based on my history with Nann Worel.

If you value genuine leadership for the future of Park City, you need to vote for Nann Worel for mayor. Not only has she served leadership roles with Park City Council and the Planning Commission but she also led the People’s Health Clinic for eight years. Not to mention her public service career outside of Park City.

Nann Worel doesn’t have to try to be a leader, she is a leader. She is concerned about issues that face this community and the various populations within those communities. She is not afraid to do the hard work and provide solutions. She will actually listen to all sides and the stakeholders to do what is best for the community, not what is best for Nann Worel.

As I went back and read some of the many letters to The Park Record in support of Nann Worel for Mayor, supporters used words and phrases like integrity, maturity, dedicated, thoughtful, authentic, wisdom, team building, patient, accountability and sound judgment to describe her. I couldn’t agree more. From my own letter when Nann Worel ran for City Council reelection in October 2019, I used words like accessible, respectful and reliable. What I would add is that she is a true example of genuine leadership.

If you value true and genuine leadership for the future of Park City, you need to vote for Nann Worel for Park City’s next mayor.

Mandy Forbes

Chappell Hill, Texas


Excited about PCMR proposal

I have been an owner at The Lodge at the Mountain Village, which is at the base of PCMR, since 2016. For the record, I fully support the proposed base area development by PEG.

With limited parking at the base, PEG’s proposed resort development will enhance the city-wide transit options with expansion of the base transit center, off-site parking options and multiple locations for free skier drop-off and pick-up.

For the skiers that like to drive themselves to the resort, parking lots for the day skiers will be replaced with covered structures. Yes, they can park there for a fee, however with the proposed enhancements to public transportation, those who do not wish to pay have multiple options to access this area. As base owners, we want the foot traffic through our area and encourage guests to use public transportation.

In addition, PEG will be adding for-sale condominiums which will add monetary value to all property in the surrounding area. This development will also encourage owners to upgrade their units as many condos and homes in this area look worn and tired.

Onsite affordable workforce housing will also reduce traffic. A hotel, retail, restaurants (yes, we need more restaurants at the base as our options are limited), a ski club, public ski lockers (day, seasonal and year-round rental), skier and bicycle services, sidewalks and lively public plazas to add to the ski-après festivities.

I feel this is an important development, especially if Park City is a host to the Winter Olympics in the next 10 years.

Personally, I’m very excited about this development and look forward to its approval.

Carolyn Rogers

PCMR Resort Center


Henney stands up for Park City

For over 25 years Tim Henney has worked to help Park City hold development at bay. He’s served on the boards of our local conservation and trails organizations, and he’s been an outspoken advocate for holding the line on development.

Developers are better funded and more litigious than ever. This is not the time to put untried and unproven people on the City Council. Now, more than ever, we need Tim’s fierce and uncompromising ability to see through the ruses, the supposed “community benefits,” and to call them out.

This election is not about the tone up at the Marsac Building. We are in a battle for our community against those who would exploit the quality of life we’ve worked very hard to build. We need someone with a proven track record of speaking out clearly and definitively against overdevelopment. We need someone who has lived here and served this community for years. We need someone with the confidence and the strength to stand up for us. We need Tim Henney.

Debbi Seaver

Park Meadows


False accusations were appalling

As a supporter of Andy Beerman for mayor I read all the letters to the editor and have been struck by the differences between the letters supporting Andy Beerman and those for Nann Worel. A recent one is absolutely appalling.

Those supporting Andy talk about his accomplishments, his experience, his connections to the Wasatch Back, Salt Lake City and state and county government. They talk about Andy’s incredible effort to bring people together to solve climate, transportation and housing issues. They are positive letters.

Those supporting Nann appear to be more focused on criticizing Andy and the City Council. Some writers seem to get great satisfaction by finding fault. So much so that truth sometimes escapes them.

The latest example is the recently published Andrew Morphett letter (“Actions speak loud,” Sept. 18-21) in which he stated that Andy and Tim Henney “were nowhere to be found” during the Miners Day parade and suggested they were either “too arrogant to campaign” or even “afraid to face the residents.” Bold statements and good soundbites but complete BS.

Andy and Tim were in the parade and they were campaigning but not in the traditional way. They chose to show they were people of action and that they work for the benefit of the community. They, along with a sizable number of supporters, did this by picking up trash as they walked along the parade route.

Andrew Morphett chose a public forum to falsely criticize Andy and Tim. An apology in the same public forum would be appropriate.

Angry tones and false accusations are far too familiar. And frankly, that kind of writing should be a warning signal to voters; do supporters not have enough good things to say about their candidate?

Reelect Andy. He is a good, sound, thoughtful and smart person. He has worked hard on the goals set by the community visioning sessions with something like 1,700 comments from citizens. He is fighting to control growth and has protected more than 3,000 acres of open space. He will continue doing so for the next four years.

I’m all in for Andy!

Peter Wright

Park City


Votes for Toly, Worel are votes for Park City

While almost every election season in Park City is significant, this one feels a bit more vital. Maybe it’s the fact that Park City has experienced the most growth in institutional memory over the past year … and to say we are bursting at the seams is a gross understatement. It’s more than just population: It’s the disappearance of the spirit of Park City, the inability to support our workforce and the broken relationship with our regional partners and within our own community. What we need is clear: Park City needs transparent leadership that governs on behalf of its entire constituency, we need leaders who are willing to collaborate with our regional partners as well as willingness to explore public/private partnerships to solve some of the issues we are facing. We need brave leadership, we need kind leadership and we need collaborative leadership if we are ever going to have a chance at “saving” the Park City we have all grown to love so deeply.

We need Tana Toly, and we need Nann Worel.

Tana has proven, time and again, her ability to unpack complex issues and identify both needs and solutions. She is an avid supporter of our local small business community and understands firsthand what it will take to solve our workforce crisis. Tana never takes information at face value; she does the hard work to dig to the source of issues so she can consider all sides before taking a stance. Tana is hard working, kind, collaborative, and seeks solutions above all else.

Nann’s leadership on City Council has demonstrated her ability to truly listen to our community. She has demonstrated through her actions that she is not afraid to swim upstream. Nann possesses a deep understanding of the fissures that challenge the momentum of our town. The leadership skills that she honed as the director of the People’s Health Clinic have proven indispensable during her time on council, and I know she will lead our community through this challenging period with grace as our new mayor.

Vote Tana, vote Nann, vote for Park City!

Heleena Sideris

Old Town


Beerman has taken action on climate

This August The Park Record wrote that voters needed to prioritize addressing climate change when electing public officials. I couldn’t agree more. I recently started a nonprofit to take that message to voters and our elected officials. This summer has been a stark reminder of the consequences of our warming climate; we must act now.

In concrete terms that means voting for Mayor Andy Beerman. In Utah, our most important climate task is to get 100% clean electricity. Remarkably, cities in Utah are leading the way on this. A coalition of cities, led by Park City and Mayor Andy, has started a process that could result in roughly 40% of Rocky Mountain Power’s entire customer base soon having carbon free electricity. That is a big deal! Mayor Andy has been one of the most important officials in making this happen; we need him to see the process through.

This November, please vote for Mayor Andy and vote for climate.

David Garbett

O2 Utah executive director

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