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Letters to the Editor


We are blessed with the right, the opportunity and, ultimately, the responsibility to VOTE – to express ourselves and make a difference on how our very special community is governed, developed, protected and preserved — for ourselves and future generations.

I am a 33-year resident of Summit County and Park City, a business owner and a volunteer/appointed official on many community boards and commissions, and for what it’s worth, evidently now an "old-timer," who loves and wants to protect this very special place. One of the most important things I will be voting FOR is the re-election of Bob Richer.

I was appointed for three consecutive terms, totaling nine years, to the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission, serving for several years before Bob was elected, and for a few more years after his election, and can attest that his presence as a county commissioner made a positive difference to all efforts of the planning commission, helping to stop the suburban sprawl that was occurring in the Snyderville Basin, and protecting our important special quality of life before it was lost forever to "Anyplace, USA!"

Bob’s record on:

Open space conservation and economic development, respecting each part of the county’s historic nature (agriculture, resort, rural),

Traffic congestion and highway aesthetic/safety improvements (the new light at The Canyons/Park West has eliminated a critical safety hazard, which Bob helped champion to completion),

Public trails,

Mass transit,

Forging working relations between Summit County and its diverse municipalities,

Exhibiting fairness and consideration to individual property owners and the community at large — ALL provide a clear indication of the fact that Bob cares, is honorable and he’s certainly honest.

With Bob, well thought-out development and other decisions will continue, understanding the importance of retaining our incredibly special quality of life.

People who vote ARE the special ones who MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD — one important vote at a time.

See you at the polls!

Donna VanBuren

Park City

What do we get for $12 million?


If somebody wants you to pay $12 million for something, don’t you want to know what you’re buying before you give them the money? Don’t be blinded by the word "trails" or "pool." It’s not that simple.

The Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District is asking Basin voters to approve a $12 million bond, "for the purpose of financing the costs of phase II Field House improvements, an aquatic facility and other recreational amenities, and trails and trailhead improvement " Pretty vague about how they intend spend our money.

Basin Rec published a Voter Information Pamphlet with general allocations of $7 million for a pool, $2 million for parks and $3 million for trails, but they now say the pool is estimated to cost up to $9 million. So what gets cut? Shouldn’t the voters, the ones who have to pay for the bond, be entitled to decide that?

Basin Rec presented three proposals at the Oct 23-24 Open Houses. Nobody knows which one of the designs, if any, will be built. Shouldn’t the voters, the ones who have to pay for the facility be entitled to know just what they are paying for?

Basin Rec has not presented any operating budget projections. They have stated, however, that a pool is much more expensive to run than a gym. Shouldn’t patrons be entitled to know how much they might have to pay to use the facility? Shouldn’t the voters, the ones who are responsible for covering any operating deficit, be entitled to know what future tax increase they might face?

This bond proposal is much too vague. The voters are entitled to more consideration and more information on each individual component. We deserve to know what we’re paying for, before we pay for it. Until we do, I urge you to vote NO on the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District $12 Million General Obligation Bond on Nov. 7.


Sam Dimsdale

Park City

Avoid an election hangover: VOTE!


Don’t wake up on Nov. 8 feeling really guilty and apologetic that you didn’t make the time to vote for the things you care about in this community. If you want to see open spaces preserved, a more professional form of county government and the re-election of Bob Richer, it’s critical that you make the time to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Don’t wake up to the news that the future of Summit County has become a development free-for-all. Be responsible and vote!

Alison Child

Park City

Vote No on recreation bond


Snyderville Basin Recreation is seeking a $12 million bond for a project that is to be determined. Does anyone else feel like this is a large burden for taxpayers to shoulder without knowing what you will receive? Would you go out to dinner and order a $100 meal without knowing what kind of food will come to your table? The bond as it stands is too open-ended for the residents of Snyderville Basin to make an informed decision.

The Basin Recreation Board needs to examine all of its options. It needs to do a thorough cost analysis of the immediate costs as well as future expenses to maintain a new facility. After they have done their research and make a decision to follow through with a specific project, whatever it may be, re-submit the bond proposal to the taxpayers. After all, we are entitled to know just what we are paying for.

Melissa Flinn

Park City

If you build it, they will come


Park City is home to outdoor enthusiasts who moved here for the quality of life and to live in a place where children can safely walk to school and other activities. However, when it comes to crossing S.R. 224, why walk the half-mile to your school, friend’s house or soccer game when it’s simply not safe? Ironically the children being driven this short distance are ski racers, mountain bikers and extreme soccer players. We need to reverse this trend by building a tunnel under 224.

Both Bear Hollow and the Canyons are being contemplated for an underground tunnel, so let’s make sure to get the right location this time. (Remember the Kimball Junction overpass) The tunnel should be located where adults and kids can safely bike from their homes east of 224 to the trail in Sun Peak that connect into Mid Mountain. Similarly, people in the Bear Hollow, Canyons and Sun Peak neighborhoods need access to the trail in Ranch Place and Willow Creek. Our mountain bike trails were planned with incredible efficiency and foresight, you can connect the dots. Whereas, our pedestrian trails are missing half of the dots. The east and west of S.R. 224 simply do not connect. A tunnel in this area would also allow safe walking to Parley’s Park Elementary.

Park City has already proven the benefits with neighborhood tunnels with the tunnel connecting the Farm Trail to the McLeod Creek Trail and Aspen Springs to Park Meadows. There are also tunnels connecting Silver Creek to Trailside and the National Ability Center to the Rail Trail. How about adding a tunnel at one of the busiest intersections in Park City that is also just steps away from a school.

We should all be able to enjoy the healthy lifestyle of Park City by safely walking or biking to everyday activities. Let’s begin with a tunnel under S.R. 224 at Bear Hollow/Silver Springs Road.


Michelle Fogarty

Park City

Vote for Proposition 1


The upcoming elections are more important for all residents in Summit County (but especially for Parkites) than most in the past, and therefore require that we all participate and let the county know that we want a professional county government. This means a vote for a new form of government with a paid administrative manager and five commissioners instead of three. Living here for 28 years, I have watched the county government increasingly unable to keep up with all the issues that growth has required and, frankly, this burden is just too much for three part-time commissioners.

Park City has had a professional manager since 1972, and this has allowed for a uniform direction amongst all departments, as they are responsible to that manager in policy and day-to-day operations. This makes every department more responsive and has benefited the citizens of Park City. All of the past commissioners that I have spoken with, with the exception of one current commissioner, are in favor of Proposition 1, with comments such as "too many things now fall through the cracks."

Don’t let the rhetoric of some, fearful their departments will have more oversight, sway you; many in Park City forget that 80 percent of the county’s population is on the West Side, with most of that population living outside city limits. Our very way of life here in Park City is more affected by decisions at the county level than at the city level. In this regard, I also think it is important to vote for Bob Richer, as his dedication, intellect and preferred direction for the county best serves the interest of Parkites as well as all county residents, and he is a strong supporter of the new form of county government. Don’t be caught up in the hype and big bucks being spent with lots of signs and mailings for Bob’s opponent; Park City and Summit County deserve better, not more development. I encourage all to vote for Proposition 1 and Bob Richer for more efficient and responsive government in Summit County and our changing little valley.

John Tinklepaugh

Park City

Michael Boyle for school board


You will be represented!

Anyone who is fortunate enough to know Mike as a friend, a neighbor, a community leader or business associate knows that the preceding statement WILL BE A FACT if Mike is elected to the Park City School Board on Nov. 7. A vote for Mike is a vote for our children and a vote for our future! Please vote on Tuesday and consider voting for Michael Boyle.


Randy Cassidy

Park City

An opportunity to serve


I wish to extend a special word of thanks to all who have made Sub for Santa of Summit County such a worthwhile organization to be affiliated with. Each year I have been amazed to witness how much time, energy, money and spirit the Park City community so willingly gives to people who are in need.

It is with some regret that I am stepping aside as chairman of Sub for Santa, but in doing so, I am also extending an invitation to any creative, community-minded individual or individuals to take my place as chair. It is a wonderful experience to organize this incredible Park City effort in giving gifts to children during the holidays. For more information, you may contact me at the following numbers: 649-3775 or 714-0509.

Thanks again,

Polly Reynolds

Park City

Time for a new Sheriff


Anyone but Edmunds. Unfortunately, this apt phrase holds true for the present Sheriff of Summit County. His record of overspending is obvious with the purchase of the speeding, had-to-have, intimidating "black" patrol cars, and every conceivable computer toy for his department. Where is fiscal responsibility?

But what is more alarming is his total disregard for the personality of the community. It is true, as was recently pointed out on this editorial page, no friendly waves, no communication from his staff and ongoing complaints of citizen assault. This is in complete contradistinction to Lloyd Evans and his department here in Park City.

Dave Edmunds and his appointed "God Squad" have truly taken us back to the Gestapo years where every citizen is a criminal. We really need a change!

W. Gary Smith

Park City

Yes to open space and much more


There are many important issues this election. Yes, I AM FOR BOB and yes, I am for the recreation bond and yes, I am for open space… all of which can be simply stated as "Yes, I am for protecting the quality of life in Park City and Summit County!"

The issue I can speak most knowledgeably about, however, is open space. With over 12 years of land-use planning for the city and county and then for our local nonprofit, Summit Land Conservancy, I am convinced that the only sure protection we have against impending development pressure is to buy the lands we want protected. I know we can’t rely on zoning, development agreements or litigation alone. Ultimately, private land will be developed and, when it is, we will all feel its impact, one subdivision at a time.

I am for open space. I am for quality schools, clean air, wildlife protection, recreation opportunity and peace of mind. I will pay my share to enjoy the peacefulness and solitude these open lands provide me. What other option do I have? NONE. The only way is to buy it ourselves, literally and collectively.

Today, see and experience the open spaces of Round Valley, Richards Ranch, and the McPolin Farm. Imagine what those experiences would be like today if Park City’s leaders had chosen not to invest in our futures. Then remind yourself to get out and vote on Nov. 7 for open space and all that protects our quality of life.

The appropriate and timely tag line of Summit Land Conservancy’s One percent for Open Space program says, "little by little, we can make a difference." Let’s show it on Nov. 7!

Thank you,

Jennifer Guetschow

Past executive and conservation director,

Summit Land Conservancy

Disgraceful depiction


I think that your picture of the trapped deer on the recent front page of your paper is disgraceful. How can you put that kind of picture on the front page for all the children in Park City to see; don’t you think that maybe you could have put it in the back or maybe not have inserted it in your paper at all? I guess that maybe you have nothing better to write about. I threw your paper out when I saw the picture and didn’t even read it. You might want to consider that others might have done the same thing.


Louise John

Park City

Trails and open space


On Saturday, Oct. 28, we celebrated the grand opening of two diverse but equally awesome trails in the Snyderville Basin. The Kilby Road Trail is an immediate hard-surface favorite as we encountered bikers and walkers as we cut the fencing right in front of the glorious Hi Ute Ranch, which has been preserved forever.

We then progressed up the mountain to "The Preserve" to celebrate the opening of another 7 1/2 miles of stunningly scenic back country trail, which has glorious views in all directions and promises to be another signature trail in our incredible system. We thank Kirk McDonald from the bottom of our Nikes for this incredible opportunity and in his words "we are experiencing a paradigm shift from big houses, fences and private spaces to green houses, no fences and open spaces "

Here in Park City, in my opinion, the two things we cherish the most are open space and trails. Nov. 7 promises an opportunity to every voter to continue this remarkable legacy we have created here in our neighborhoods. Please take this opportunity to vote for two positive choices on the ballot. Here’s your chance to put all the other negative politics behind you and walk out of that ballot box, feel good about your choices and know that you have chosen to continue to enhance our unique quality of life.

Carol Potter

Park City Citizen

Vote for Cunningham

Editor and residents of Pinebrook and Summit Park:

We want to request your support and vote for Charles Cunningham for Park City School Board on Nov.7. We have known Charles and Gretchen and their lovely family since they first moved to the Park City area. It is our opinion that Charles is THE choice to fill the school board position representing Precinct 5.

Like most candidates who seek to fill a position on our school board, Charles has children attending the school system here and, as a result, has a passion and commitment to see that all of our children have the very best educational experience possible while attending Park City public schools. He also brings impeccable credentials and experience — both professionally and personally — to the table.

What we feel elevates Charles from "the rest of the field" are his analytical skills and ability to take definitive action. Charles has the uncanny knack to grasp all the facts, see "the big picture," develop a game plan — and then take decisive action to make things happen! These talents — along with his "down to earth" common sense and understanding of fiduciary responsibility — make him the best candidate to represent us.

We urge you to cast your vote for Charles Cunningham on Nov. 7!


Drs. Michael and Venssa Knight

Park City

A write-in vote for Brody Taylor


In any election the incumbent has a big advantage. Nevertheless, I’ll be casting a write-in vote for Brody Taylor for Summit County Sheriff. Here’s why.

Sheriff Edmunds wants to expand the county jail and import federal prisoners — a very bad idea. Yes he’ll get some federal dollars for the department, but this makes even less sense than starting a nuclear waste dump in Silver Summit. At least if some nuclear waste escapes it won’t rape and murder your children.

Sheriff Edmunds gave his deputies a point system to work under. Evaluations and pay raises are based on how many points the deputy accumulates — a bad idea. If a typical soccer mom forgets to renew the registration on her family SUV and she gets stopped, the deputy has a few choices. If he reminds her to get the plates renewed, he gets zero points. If he issues a ticket he gets a point, but if he has the car towed and takes her to jail, he gets even more points.

Any program that pits the deputies against the citizens of the county is a bad idea. Effective policing requires a partnership between the officers and the citizens that they are supposed to protect. If you must have a point system, here are some better ideas.

No tickets issued in the school zone because everyone was driving 25 mph or less (deputy was there and visible) – one point.

Neighborhood watch successfully set up and burglary suspects apprehended after timely citizen report – two points.

Tip-off received from citizen leads to shut down of meth lab and arrest and conviction of drug dealers – priceless.

Incidentally, Dave Edmunds appointed a drug detective two years ago and we have seen ZERO major drug busts. Are we supposed to believe that there isn’t a single meth lab in Summit County? Who’s selling the drugs at the high school?

I’ll be doing a write-in for BRODY TAYLOR. He is a 10-year Sheriff’s Department veteran with a common sense approach and strong ties to the community.

Jill MacAndrews Mackay


Michael Boyle for school board


Park City will do well to elect Michael Boyle to the school board. The thoroughness with which he has prepared for the position reflects his general approach to things.

He is an intelligent, thoughtful and involved professional whose election to school board will be an asset to education and to the community.

Jon Weisberg


Endorsing Dave Edmunds


Elections are again upon us. Summit county voters have an opportunity to confirm an energetic, progressive, intelligent sheriff, Sheriff Dave Edmunds. Dave is very knowledgeable and a proponent of modern, community-oriented and responsive law enforcement concepts. Summit County is growing rapidly (whether we like it or not) and we need educated, enlightened, energetic leaders. Dave has demonstrated those qualities and qualifications the last four years in leading the Sheriff’s Office into the 21st century. He has secured his bachelor’s degree and has graduated from the FBI National Academy. He has encouraged his staff to further their law enforcement education.

A sheriff’s office is more complex than a local police department. A sheriff’s office consists of a law enforcement function, a corrections (jail) function, and a court services function. Police departments only have the law enforcement function. The Sheriff’s Office provides corrections and court services to all citizens, even those in Park City, which has its own police department. And the sheriff answers to all citizens of the county. Sheriff Edmonds has significantly improved the operations of all three of the sheriff’s office functions.

Dave’s vision for the Sheriff’s Office is solid, progressive, professional. He has implemented plans that have greatly improved the protection of and services to the citizens of Summit County. Through both general training and specialized education, he has made professionals of the deputies and correctional officers and has selected high-quality, new personnel. Dave has selected and promoted quality people to help him manage this complex, dynamic agency. Sheriff Edmonds is an efficient and effective cop.

Now we have the opportunity to give him a vote of confidence. Although he has a nominal write-in opponent, this is really the time to show him whether we appreciate his efforts and accomplishments over the last four years. He values our opinion.

Dean Carr

Chief Deputy (Ret.), SLCoSO

Oakley and West Jordan

Changes on Election Day


When you go to vote on Election Day,

think of the Northern Lights,

The miracle of their colors,

when caught within our sight,

And the great white bears beneath them,

struggling to stay alive

Even in normal conditions,

it is difficult for them to survive.

What conditions are abnormal?

A question you might ask.

It is a condition that is global.

Will you be up to the task?

Of protecting the endangered,

from the brink of their extinction-

Yes I speak of Climate Change.

I will make that very distinction.

Whether you believe it to be a hoax,

made up by scientists,

Or a bunch of commie liberals,

too chicken to enlist.

It does not matter either way —

whether climate change is natural,

Or if there is just some movement

by believers in the celestial.

In the warning color of RED,

A flag is waving high.

POLAR BEARS are drowning!

Will you let them continue to die?

Please heed this dire warning,

for many species can not last

Climate change may be natural,

but it is happening WAY TOO FAST.

So remember on Election Day,

that each vote can make a difference.

We can accept the current climate,

or continue our earth’s existence.


Jayanne Sindt

Park City

Recycling rudeness


I consider myself to be a responsible "recycler." I separate my several different plastics from my white paper, my glass from my aluminum and newspaper. I take it to the recycling center every couple of weeks, making sure it gets to the right place instead of electing to have curbside pick up.

The last time at the recycling center when I stepped into the office to dispose of my plastic bags, I was mocked and made an example of how I should dispose of my plastic bags. Instead of being asked nicely to combine the bags into one larger bag, I was ridiculed and embarrassed that I wasn’t making recycling center employees’ job easier. According to the Nazi recyclers, I was in violation of some rules that were not posted.

I recycle because I want to. I recycle because I believe it’s a responsible and conscientious thing to do. I truly appreciate and support what recycling does for our community. To the staff at the Recycling Center I say, "If you want Park City’s support, please ask me nicely and to make your job easier." I’m not the person who dumped the Styrofoam and cardboard all over the place when you were closed. I’m the one who looks at the PETE rating on the bottom of my plastic before I deposit it in the appropriate recycling bins. C’mon recycle employees, those of us that consciously recycle should not be treated like we’re part of the problem; we’re part of the solution. Just go look at the contents of most roadside garbage collections on any given day and then tell me I’m not doing my part.


Wendy and Rich Bopp

Park City

Time for Hatch to retire


In 1976 Orrin Hatch charged 18-year incumbent Senator Moss with "being there too long." As Hatch runs again we must ask what have Utahns gained from Hatch’s 30 years. The illegal alien problem has gone from petty annoyance to the major assault on America as Washington’s refusal to protect borders force localities to spend billions in medical, educational, incarceration costs for illegal aliens. Currently, 30 percent of prison inmates are illegals. Hatch adds to the problem by sponsoring his DREAM act in which illegal aliens who’ve already cost taxpayers three plus years of schooling will be allowed to pay in-state tuition at taxpayer funded universities. This privilege is denied to Americans from other states and active duty military.

A related and escalating problem is drug smuggling. Hatch chose to use connections from his support of the Dubai Ports deal to spring a drug smuggler from a Mid East jail. Such "compassion" is misplaced as many Utahns are harmed by these drugs. Hatch should protect Americans, not arrogantly protect criminals from the consequences of their crimes.

A frequent reason offered for keeping a long-term politician in office is seniority. Hatch couldn’t even keep nuclear waste out — Utahns had to unite and protest.

Senator Hatch, it’s time for you to retire. I’m voting for Ashdown who will limit his terms.


Vicki Martin


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