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Letters to the Editor


I recently had a layover in the Atlanta Airport. En route to get a cup of coffee, I observed a gate area filled with servicemen. Some were talking on the bank of public phones on one wall, others were sitting on the floor talking on cell phones or using their laptops some were sitting in chairs having conversation. I struck me how young they were.

As I reached the food court, a young serviceman passed by me with a coffee in his hand. I asked him what direction the coffee shop was and he pointed in the proper direction. In saying thanks, I asked him if he was returning home or being shipped out. He said, "I’m returning to the ‘fun place’ for the second time." I asked him his name and he said John Roe, from Minnesota. I told him I would be praying for him.

I went on to purchase my coffee and while waiting in line, I thought of the young men I had passed, waiting at the gate. On my return trip, I pulled out a notepad and pen. I stopped at the first row of seats filled with the servicemen and asked if they would write their name and state. They did, but as I finished half the row, the loudspeaker announced the boarding of my flight. I shouted to the remaining group, "I don’t have all your names, but I will ask Park City, Utah, to pray for you." Here are the names: I did not have the wherewithal to ask for their Division.

Jeff, Minnesota

Andrew, Chicago

Reggie, Miami, Fla.

David Clark, Iowa

Aaron Alberson, Oklahoma

Michael Christensen, Iowa

Lesli, Maine

Michael, Georgia

Hesraus, Georgia

Junior, American Samoa

Greg, Kentucky

Walker, Minnesota

Jorge Vega, Ohio

Jason Watson, Arizona

So, Park City, with Veterans Day coming up, I humbly ask those of you who pray, to keep these men and their group God knows their names in your prayers.

Many thanks,

Sheila Shaw

Convenient voting


Thank you to The Park Record for printing the Official Ballot for Summit County, Utah in recent issues of The Record. We clipped them out, marked our candidates of choice and carried them to our polling place on Tuesday. It made voting painless and efficient!

Speaking of painless and efficient, we thought the voting machines at Ecker Hill Middle School were great, too.


Dan and Kelley Holtman


Congratulations, Bob!


Nice work Bob, you ran a classy campaign in the midst some of the most despicable slime every slung in the history of Park City politics. (I have been around for 30 years and that is saying something.) And Bob, no need to pick up your campaign sign at my house — your competitors stole it weeks ago.


Greg Schirf

Park City

Council/manager change


It appears that supporters of the change in county government to a council/manager form have gotten their way, albeit by a very narrow margin. The easy part of this is over and the hard part is just starting.

Those of you wanting to start your campaign war chest for a seat on the new council, please reconsider. Given the nasty tone of some campaigns in the county this year, be sure there are no skeletons in the closet, or at least that you have them locked away very securely. You wouldn’t want them all over the front page of The Park Record. And you may want to have a chat with your favorite attorney about being named a defendant in ongoing or future lawsuits against the county. Oh yes, don’t forget that your reward for putting your personal lives and fortunes in peril is the grand sum of $1 per year, no benefits. Maybe the warm feeling of public service will compensate. Should you still decide to throw your hat in the political ring, my admiration and sympathy go to you.

May I suggest that those on the Study Committee who found this new path so rosy be the first in line when it comes time to file for a council seat? Put your money where your study is, even if it’s only $1 a year.


Doug Geary


Thank you for your support


I wish to thank everyone who supported my campaign for school board, especially those who took the time to write letters to The Park Record.

I also congratulate my opponent, Charles Cunningham, for a well-contested race that focused on the difficult issues facing the Park City School District.

Please support his and the board’s efforts over the next four years. Finally, I want publicly acknowledge the fantastic dedication and tireless efforts of outgoing board member Kathryn Adair. Her performance over the past eight years is a model of exemplary public service that has helped create the best school district in the state. Thank you.


Michael Boyle

Park City

Measuring the drapes


Now that Bush has "cut and run" from the comfort of his "cut and run" bombast, maybe he could start working on an accelerated "timetable" to remove "measuring the drapes" from his tired rhetoric. Even better, he can help measure the new drapes.


Nick Wright

Park City

Off-season events


The governor is meeting with influential people to build a transportation system to connect the ski resorts east of Salt Lake City, but I think that a more important priority would be to develop a program to increase the off-season room occupancy. The off-season is from April thru October. One way to accomplish this is to have major events take place in the resort areas during the off-season.

A major event would be a kite-flying contest where the person that flew a kite the highest and the longest over 48-hour period would win $600,000. The event would take place at Guardsman’s Pass.

Another event would be a bicycle race both on-road and off-road that would go through all the resorts from Sundance to Powder Mountain. Yes, $600,000 to the winner. Another event would be a horse race over the same course with the $600,000 prize. Between the bikes and the horses, there would be twelve different races broken down into males 18 to 37 years of age, then 38 to 55 years of age and 56 and over: the females would have the age brackets but separate races. The race would start at a different ski resort and end at different ski resort each time, which would give each resort a start and a finish. This would allow two races a month and the cost would be $7,200,000 prize money and there should be at least two kite-flying contests one in the spring and one in the fall, yes, another $1,200,000 dollars. The state would just have to guarantee the prize money and the media should be able through advertising to cover the rest of the cost. The kite contest will draw everyone who can hold a string.


John M. Servoss

Park City

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