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Letters to the Editor


My congratulations to all the victors in the recent polls. It was especially heartening to note that County Commissioner Bob Richer was re-elected. Despite the overwhelming number of Republicans here in Summit County (look at the vote for the brain-dead Orrin Hatch). The people realized what a super job Bob has done and even more importantly — he has kept his campaign promises. I now hope that the transition from a three-person board to the needed five can be accomplished without the rancor that attended the vote. It is also my hope that representation on the new board matches the population distribution. This parity will ensure all voices are heard, as they should be. Again, thanks to all who voted… and many more thanks to those who ran!


Mike Eberlein

Park City

Avoiding another wildlife tragedy


On behalf of the Glenwood Cemetery Association, I would like to thank Dick Weber of the Three Kings Homeowners Association and Rory Murphy of Silver Star Development. They helped us resolve the problems at the Glenwood Cemetery with young deer getting caught in our fence.

Through their efforts the fence has been opened on the east and north sides to allow wildlife passage in and out of the cemetery. Mesh has been installed in other places to prevent young deer from trying to squeeze between the steel bars.

We are hopeful that these actions will prevent additional tragic events.


Hal Compton

President, Glenwood Cemetery Association

Journalistic bias


I am writing in utter dismay at the obvious bias shown by The Park Record during the past election time frame! How unprofessional could you be? In real estate the old adage Location, Location, Location holds true; in advertisement Placement, Placement, Placement! I’m referring to printing the editorials against the Recreation Bond. Whether or not people voted for or against the Rec Bond is moot, being honestly informed is your business. You had such a bias against the Rec Bond it was ridiculous. You did print both for and against editorials, but let’s look at the placement! All the against the Rec. Bond had center and above any editorial for the bond. Then you had the audacity to print four advertisements and a guest editorial (placed center on the right hand side of the page) without the author’s name right before the election. Guess who wrote the editorial and bought the advertising space? The owner of Silver Mountain Sports Club, Stanton Jones.

Oh, right, you did make a correction in Wednesday’s paper by ‘fessing up to who wrote and bought the space. I’m sorry, but an "Oh, oops" the day after an election is reprehensible. What ever happened to journalistic integrity?

Either your paper is biased or your editorial staff isn’t doing their job!

Sue Pollard

Snyderville Basin

Unsuccessful candidate

To the Voters of Summit County:

I wish to thank those voters in Summit County who supported me in my campaign for State Senate District 26, in this past election. I appreciate the opportunity I had to meet some of you and become acquainted with your issues. I was pleased to see a marked decrease in voter apathy as is evidenced by your increased voter turnout. May your elected officials serve you well.


Roland Uresk


Utah Senate Dist. 26

Anonymous postcard


I haven’t checked my mail in about a week but wasn’t surprised when I saw a postcard telling us "non-educated" voters to vote against the $12 million bond for the Basin Recreation field house. Funny thing, there were no names on it, not even a "political advocacy group" claiming responsibility for this postcard. Anonymous? Smelled funny to me.

Hmmm… in my mailbox was also a postcard advertising for that "other" fitness institution in Park City… fonts look the same… but I’m probably just being crazy. After all, why would the owner of that other health club not want the county to build another pool?


Billy Blanks

Park City

Complaint over anonymity


As one who relies on The Park Record for accurate information and well thought out articles, I was distressed to read a guest editorial opposing the Basin Recreation Bond which did not name the author. To make matters worse, in the same issue you ran several political advertisements, all opposing the same Recreation Bond, again, without disclosing the name of the sponsor. Readers had a right to know prior to the election who was behind those items. Some may have guessed correctly, but others may have thought those were opinions of The Park Record and may have been swayed by the newspaper’s reputation to vote against the Bond. All of the items contained inaccurate and false statements. Recreation for many people in the Snyderville Basin is not about Health Clubs, Spas, and personal trainers. It is about trails, open space, safe bike routes, parks and affordable public recreation facilities for individuals and families. It is about the kind of recreation facilities provided by Basin Recreation and enjoyed by people of all walks of life. Public recreation facilities ensure that all kids and adults, regardless of financial status, have recreation choices to maintain health and fitness. As a community we need to begin to focus more on the good of the whole and worry less about the profits of the few.

Kirsten Whetstone

Park City

An unfortunate experience

Dear Wendy and Rich Bopp,

I want to apologize for the negative experience you had dropping off your bags at the Recycling Center. It appears that your needs were met with an insensitivity and rudeness that you did not deserve. Please accept my deepest apologies.

I would very much like to meet with you in person to convey my deep wishes that your future experiences here are better ones. I invite you to call me so that I can give you a personal tour of the center and acquaint you with all our education and recycling programs. I would also like to offer you a free composting workshop and your choice of a tote bag or composter/water bottle.

Your letter shows that you are concerned residents and true recyclers. Thank you for doing your part in keeping our resort home beautiful. Until we meet, I hope that you will continue to recycle and to find that your community Recycling Center is here to serve you.

Sincerely yours,

Insa Riepen, Executive director

Recycle Utah

Sunpeak Hotel revisited


I am outraged that the Summit County Board of Adjustment must hear an appeal regarding decisions already rendered by two Boards of County Commissioners (BCCs in 2001 and 2006). It’s clear that the intent of all agreements was to allow a small, lodge style140-room hotel on Parcel 16, Bear Hollow Drive, originally conceived to service visitors to the Olympic Park.

Homeowners, the prior landowner, the prior developer, Two BCC’s, the county planning staff — all knew that a 140-room hotel was a potential land use. However, the current landowner is still pursuing approval for plans calling for a massive, 330-bedroom condo/hotel Even though the 2001 and 2006 BCC both took aggressive steps to reel in the size and scope of the project.

The 2001 BCC left NO DOUBT, that their intention was to limit the size of the hotel. First in the ’01-BCC minutes, the community development director said that the original Stipulation Agreement stated a 140-room hotel. Second, Commissioner Cone at the time said he was "not personally inclined to grant additional density." Third, a Salt Lake Tribune reporter wrote after the ’01-BCC meeting: "The commissioners took steps, however, to ensure the hotel would not be enlarged beyond 140 rooms." Fourth, and maybe most telling, is that even the prior developer who sold the property to the current developer acquiesced when asked about the strict 140-room limit saying, "We’re OK with the result." It "will be an economic impact, but I think we can still make it work." Finally, the 06-BCC queried the 01-BCC and obtained consistent statements from each, stating their recollections and intents to restrict the size of the hotel to 140-rooms. It’s outrageous that the current developer can sue the county, thereby spending our taxpayer’s money, when 2 BCC’s have already clearly stated the intent was a 140-room hotel, not a 330-plus bedroom condo/hotel!


Roger Sawyer

Bear Hollow Drive

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