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Letters to the Editor

Bob Richer's re-election


Kudos to all who turned out to vote this year to re-elect Bob Richer as Summit County Commissioner. Bob can now continue his visionary leadership of our wonderful county and our coveted resort lifestyle!


Kathy Mears

Park City

Political involvement


Now that the dust (or rather, mud) of the election season has settled, an observation has occurred to me. We heard a lot about voter apathy, and are pathetically pleased that we achieved 35 percent turnout in parts of the county. My concern is candidate apathy. Maybe I’m living in the past, but I miss the old days of door-to-door campaigning.

My first involvement in politics was as a doorknocker for Walkin’ Joe Teasdale in Kansas City, Mo., and I’ve been hooked on politics ever since. Not once during this election did a candidate knock on my door (or send a surrogate to do so) or even call to ask for my vote. There was no shortage of junk mail and newspaper ads telling me what the candidates wanted me to know but, for me, there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. I would have welcomed anyone who took the time to come and introduce themselves to me, even if I ultimately decided to vote for the "other guy" (or gal).

Instead of spending so much money on advertising, maybe the candidates should spend a little time walking their districts and talking to their constituents about what’s really on their minds. Perhaps this would help bring some accountability and common sense back to politics.

Amy Regan


Take a stand


First let me say — I understand the constitutional right of freedom of speech. I understand that practically anything can be published and practically anything can be aired on TV. However, it is also our constitutional right not to buy or not to watch.

Regan Books has published a book written by OJ Simpson, which is titled "If I did it " and will be on bookshelves Nov 30. Fox 13 has advertised that they will air a two-part TV interview with him on Nov. 27 and 29.

My plea to you is to NOT buy the book and NOT tune into the interview. If you agree send an e-mail to at least 10 people and ask them to send it to at least 10 people, and so on, and so on. I have copied news@fox13.com.

Teri Whitney

Park City

Racing for a good cause


Many thanks to this great community for their support of the second annual "Martin Looper 5K" at the end of October. Thank you to Starbucks, Adolph’s, Wasatch Brewery and White Pine Touring for helping underwrite the fun run. We raised $440 for St. Mark’s Chaplaincy program in honor of Cindy Hewson, one of Park City’s finest, who died a year ago at St. Mark’s, while being blessed by their care.

Jeffrey Louden

Shepherd of the Mountains

Lutheran Church

Deborah’s memorial


The Hoyt family would like to thank the Park City Community for all of their support during this most difficult time in our lives. This truly still is a small town in so many ways. The outreach of neighbors, friends, colleagues, students and the community at large has been incredible. We want to personally thank each and every individual who has shown their support either directly by stopping by, calling or attending Deborah’s memorial service or indirectly through prayer, cards or messages sent through others.

Pastor Bob Kaylor delivered a wonderful service at the Park City Community Church and Helene Weldon, Diane Walker and Bunkie Witten did a wonderful job of eulogizing Deborah. They captured her essence for those who did not know her as well as others. Helene opened up her home once again to host a wake inviting anyone and everyone from our community to stop by and pay their respects.

We also want to recognize Lisa and Mike Dawson for their efforts in putting the program together and Sally and Bob Wilkerson of PC Printink for their generosity in publishing it. We cannot adequately express our thanks to a most supportive community. Deborah always knew this is a most special place on Earth and we all have, once again, been reminded of how wonderful it is to be here.

In sincere gratitude,

Brian, Chelsea and Jordan Hoyt

Park City

Resort generosity


I’m a Boy Scout and I’m working on my communication merit badge and I’m saying thanks to the ski resorts for making the child’s ski pass less money. Since it’s less money, it helps my family get ski passes. I’m excited to ski this year. Thanks!

Hunter Damiano, student

Jeremy Ranch Elementary

Sheriff Office controversies


In the recent election for the Sheriff’s Office, I noted that there were a lot of attacks on character and on personal issues. I have to say that as an employee of the Sheriff’s Office, I can see both sides of the argument and it comes down to this. This office has a very crucial role in that we are responsible to maintain a good living environment and a safe place to live. All of these things will effect tourism and property value and numerous other aspects that our community depends on. It’s simple — if we had a high crime rate and the community was unsafe, people would simply not come and spend their money.

However, it also comes down to the fact that there are people who depend on this profession and this department for their careers and their livelihood. Furthermore, these employees need a good working environment and administrators they trust and respect — ALL OF THEM.

It is not enough to want to work for the sheriff. You must have the desire to work for all of them and that includes the other administrators. The Sheriff is ultimately responsible for appointing the right people in the right positions and it is a fact that Sheriff Edmunds, although a good man, has made horrible decisions in his appointment of certain administrators. I wish they were on the ballot because it would make the voting process a lot easier for me. It is too bad for Edmunds that some have dropped the ball on him and have made this season difficult. If you won’t change the problems, we as voters will find someone who will.

Jeff Mackay


Helping Scouts climb higher


The Boy Scouts of St. Mary’s Troop 71 would like to sincerely express our appreciation to Charlie Sturgis and Scott House of White Pine Touring and Lauren Clark and John Miskey of Black Diamond Gymnastics for teaching and training climbing and belaying techniques. The Scouts had an entertaining and educational presentation from Charlie Sturgis last week and put their knowledge and skills to the test on Thursday night at Black Diamond’s Double Diamond Climbing Wall. Charlie, Scott, Lauren and John did a fantastic job of demonstrating climbing skills to the Scouts that they may use someday in life saving situations. We really had a great time learning from these highly skilled instructors. Thanks for being there for us,

Pat Paterson


Troop 71


Guest editorial: More pillow talk

I’m sorry I’m not with the majority. Perhaps you’d like me to go through a CCP-style struggle session. That way you can get me to think just like you.

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