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Letters to the Editor


I wish to immediately clarify my comments as quoted in your Saturday, Nov. 18 article "School District forms budget committee."

When I said "employee" costs were out of hand, I was NOT referring to faculty costs, which have been relatively stable. I was specifically referencing administrative and other support service personnel costs. The staffing and expenditures in these particular areas needs better cost-control management.

It is common knowledge that the Park City School District has the highest administrative costs of any school district in Utah, if not possibly the entire Intermountain West.

If future revenues, for whatever reason, grow slowly or remain flat, and with the addition of mandatory reserves required by state law, it is critical this District School Board understands and realizes oversight and cost control is needed on their part to balance the budget. To think otherwise would be foolish. Committees can be a useful tool to gather information and make suggestions, but let us not forget the ultimate responsibility for the financial well being of the School District rests in the hands of the elected board members.

In conclusion, is this board capable or fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility?

Dick Weber

Park City

Inconsiderate drivers


I admit I wouldn’t be considered a slow driver… but when I see someone with their emergency flashers on in the middle of the road I do stop to make sure everything is OK. On Thanksgiving, a woman in her dark-colored BMW SUV decided that she needed to speed by the car in the middle of the road with its flashers on. We even tried to move into her path. I think that only made her mad. She did not take into consideration that there might be a duck trying to cross the road and the car was trying to create a safe passage for its fowl friend. Speeding is one thing, but being considerate of living in a wilderness area is another. But hey, what is one less bird? Happy Thanksgiving.


Shirin Spangenberg

Park City

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