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Letters to the Editor


Hi, my name is Maria and I am from Argentina. It’s my third winter season in Park City and I really love the people in that city. It’s important to say thanks to all the good people because some people always say bad things and no nice things.

Now I am in Argentina and I will be there Dec. 11 to work up to April. I did this the last two years… and then I go back to Argentina because I have a special visa, which allows me to work only for four months.

Well, just thanks to everybody because you show me how good is the United States!

Hope to see you soon


Maria Claussen Frias


Have fun and provide care


Looking for a way you can help others in the community during this holiday season? The People’s Health Clinic needs your support! attending a fun social evening Tuesday, Dec. 5, you could be the reason someone receives medical care this next year. The event will be held at the Egyptian Theatre on Main Street, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., and will include three local bands, refreshments and a quick overview of the clinic’s year.

Socializing? Bands? Food? High-schoolers, this is not just an adult event! The People’s Health Clinic hopes that people of all ages can enjoy and support this great evening.

Tickets are just $20 and are available by calling the Egyptian box office at 649-9371. Proceeds will go to the People’s Health Clinic to provide free medical care to the uninsured members of our community. By enjoying a fun evening you will help someone in our community receive medical care this next year who knew service could be so fun?

Elisa Patterson

Park City

Community Thanksgiving


Many, many thanks to everyone who made another wonderful Community Thanksgiving Service happen.

Rev. Robin Nygaard, new Pastor of Park City’s Unity Spiritual Center, did much of the planning.

Pastor Jeffrey Louden and his Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran congregation opened their church home for the Service, and set up tables and chairs for a bountiful Thanksgiving dessert of pie, coffee and other beverages to enjoy while we visited afterwards.

Many other faith community leaders from Park City’s Interfaith Council also participated and attended.

Children, young people and adults provided music, pies, food for local food pantries, and contributions to the Interfaith Council’s Travelers Assistance Fund.


Mary Hanscom

Park City

Just another Thanksgiving


After a good meal with friends, warmth and shelter, I woke up this morning feeling that there was something amiss. It was the newspaper that alerted me. Iraq.

Among the many things that I find in common with the people of Iraq, above all stands a fact: We are of the same species, we are human. Indeed we ought to count our blessings, as a civilized people we do not solve our differences with killings, we don’t even throw stones mud-slinging perhaps, and that among politicians only.

But more to the point, I am trying my best to alleviate the collective conscience of the United States. Some of us assume responsibility for what is going on in Iraq, mea culpa, if we didn’t go in, all this would not have come to pass. Not so. Feuds between sectors of Islam were not invented by America, nor did they start two years ago. They started millennia ago and certainly not by us. This method of settling arguments is not new to the Middle East, nor the middle ages, and to me the failure to settle an argument by the power of the word shows the lack of it. To me, killing a human being is deplorable, in the name of God, unthinkable, but most important to consider is: The United States is not advocating these daily massacres, nor condoning them. This would have happened sooner or later of its own accord, U.S. involvement or not.

Take America out of the equation now and a vortex of events will follow that will swallow the Middle East like a tornado engulfing all the small Emirates, Saudi, Syria and Lebanon. Those the most armed will prevail and win the day and Iran will be the new master. Terrorism needs to be stopped and we are only in the beginning of its cycle. Every lost life of an American hurts. Every lost life of an Iraqi civilian hurts. Islam’s leaders need to speak out against it and mostly act against it.

Jack Karmel

Park City

Constitution Party popularity up


This year there were 89,717 votes cast for Constitution Party candidates in the state of Utah! This is up from 56,165 in 2004, a 38 percent increase!

The message of the Constitution Party is catching on and people are liking what they hear, including acknowledging and honoring the God of this land, defending traditional families and returning to limited and Constitutional government.

As Constitution Party candidates went door-to-door, they were well received and given encouragement by the residents. They continuously heard comments like "We need a new party because the other two are too much alike," "I believe we need a change" and "I’ve been reading about the Constitution Party and I like what I read."

In races with both a Republican and Democrat challenger, Constitution Party candidates fared much better than the normal third party’s two to three percent In most cases it was seven to 10 percent or higher. In fact, Scott Bradley, the Constitution Party candidate for U.S. Senate, received over 20,600 votes by himself!

Those who voted for Constitution Party candidates can rest assured their voice was heard and with their support, the movement for sovereignty and return to principled government will continue to go forward.

For further information or a review of the stance on issues, see http://www.cputah.org.

Sonya Ray


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