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Letters to the Editor


Thanks for voting!


Now that the election results are tallied, and all is said and done, we must accept and respect the choices of the community. As a community I feel we owe a lot of thanks to the "No Vote No Voice" campaign for inspiring such a large voting turnout. I personally feel privileged to have been able to participate in the community debate on the new form of governance, especially with Mike Marty from Less is Best who waged a commendable and valiant effort, and Diane Murphy from Summit Steps Forward who presented her point of view with integrity and competence. I also would like to thank The Park Record and KPCW, along with Blair Feulner, for their fair and balanced representation of both sides of the issue.

I know l’m not alone in extending my sincere appreciation and thanks to all the Summit County departments and their employees for their dedication and competence in their jobs. That being said, the community has spoken and we need to respect that. It is now time to heal the so-called "great divide" and work together as a community, both eastern and western Summit County, to form the most competent, representative and responsive government available. Having earnest respect for our commissioners, I know they will be sensitive to the nearly indistinguishable margin of victory for Prop 1. Nothing to really pop any champagne bottles open over. I would like nothing more then to see this now work, so we can say that as a community we bridged the "great divide." Working through our differences and benefiting the whole of Summit County. This is not about winning or losing. It is about where do we go from here to keep Summit County the best place to live, enjoying the recreational facilities and open space, and raising our families?

Without insisting, a suggestion would be to appoint a citizen committee, representative of the whole county, and hire an interim executive to assist the extremely busy commissioners establish a workable foundation, providing a seamless transition into the new form of governance starting in January of 2009.

Ron Duyker

Silver Springs

Skateboard Park in Coalville


We have been Parkites since we bought our first home in 1980 so we obviously love and cherish our town. With that said, we do want to share something we just read.

We had the opportunity to read the November issue of the Coalville City News. There was an article concerning grant applications. According to this article, North Summit County is entitled to 12 percent of the RAP Tax Grant or about $90,000. They have only received $1,500 for three park benches in front of the city hall. Their request for $39,000 to build a skateboard park was denied. Projects that were selected instead of the skate park include $15,000 for tee box markers at the Park City Municipal Golf Course, $8,000 for new showerheads at Park City schools and $25,000 for new awnings for bleachers at the schools. All of these projects are worthy but we are not sure we agree with the priority.

The Coalville mayor, Duane Schmidt, is asking for tax deductible donations from the public to help fund this project so the kids can have a safe place to skate.

If these facts are correct, we Park City folk should be a little more neighborly and help the Coalville kids get their skate park.


Dick and Donna Page

Park City

Careless driving


Usually ducks have the keen sense to fly south in the winter months but it seems the ducks on the golf course have forgotten which direction to fly. Times are going to be tough for them as the snow piles up and they are forced out into the roadways with the careless drivers.

With all of the snow today three little ducks had no where to go but into the road on Three Kings Drive. As I was trying to get out of my truck to temporarily lead the ducks to safety, a guy in a white, regular cab Chevy Silverado from a local property management firm was flying up the road nearly sideways at one point heading in our direction. I was almost positive the man saw the ducks in the road but to make sure I made some hand gestures to let him know to slow down and go around. To my dismay he powered right on through the little gathering. He nearly hit my truck and me, and he did hit the three innocent bystanders.

He was good enough to stop and inspect the damages, but when asked if he was even paying attention he replied with an arrogant NO and when asked "If those little ducks had been a child what then?" he replied with "Well they shouldn’t have been in the road." I asked "Does that makes it OK to just run them over?" And I could hardly believe it but he answered YES and took off. So please be careful and pay attention even if it is for ducks in the road.


Eric Williams

Park City

Sundance Film Festival


Three cheers to the Sundance Film selection committee for accepting Seattle filmmaker Robinson Devor’s documentary "Zoo" for 2007 competition.

As reported by The Seattle Times, the film examines the widely reported case of an Enumclaw (Washington) man who died in 2005 after having sex with a horse.

Living somewhat near where that event took place, I think I can say that most folks in Enumclaw (a small rural farming and dairy area near Seattle), must be bewildered that anyone would sit through, and further, pay money, to verify a ("humanized") story of the participant.

Wow! What next, Sundance?


Tom Frey

Kingston, Wash.


Guest editorial: More pillow talk

I’m sorry I’m not with the majority. Perhaps you’d like me to go through a CCP-style struggle session. That way you can get me to think just like you.

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