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Letters to the Editor

The housing conundrum


I have found myself in quite a quagmire here in Park City since arriving for the season this last Tuesday. After having been offered a full-time job with local business, Skis on the Run, a couple months ago, I’d spent an exhaustive search looking for a place to stay in town for the season. I finally arrived at what I thought was a solution when a local business owner said he’d hold a place for me. He was asking far above what I wanted to pay, but as I’ve tested the waters and come to know the housing market a little better, I decided to bite the bullet. However, when I arrived this week, he had already rented the studio apartment out from under me.

Since my first day here, I’ve explored every avenue for lodging, but to no avail. I attended the roommate-roundup, posted on Internet sites, posted bulletins at all the resorts, asked for help at the Christian Center, and scoured the classifieds. Luckily, the benevolent owners of the business I’ve come to work for have taken me in for a few days, but I know their patience must be wearing thin.

Aside from being a humanitarian concern, it’s also a matter of aesthetics for the city. Today, I resorted to asking strangers on Main Street whether they had or knew anyone who had a place to share or rent. I know that if someone willing to pay as much per month as I am can have absolutely no luck finding a place at such low standards, that these poor kids flying here from Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, England and elsewhere must be having an unimaginably hard time. I’m sure some of them have had to resort to the same methods that I’ve been reduced to. If my appeal to your sense of compassion falls upon deaf ears, I only hope that appealing to business owners’ pride and desire to give tourists a hassle-free walk through town may do the trick.

Please consider providing some public means to meet this ever-growing problem in Park City.


Scott B. Caster, from Arlington, Texas


(817) 266-6510

Supporting Friends of Animals


Over the years, many companies, organizations and individuals have helped Friends of Animals save the lives of thousands of unwanted pets and find them new, loving homes. We would like to publicly recognize the efforts of The Park Record in helping us with this huge and ongoing task. The Park Record has supported our cause from our humble beginnings more than 16 years ago and continues to do so. Their generosity in allowing Friends of Animals, Summit County Animal Control and other animal rescue groups to display their adoptable animals and get the word out to the local community has been a key factor in FOA’s success and has directly saved the lives of many animals. Again, thank you from everyone at Friends of Animals, both two- and four-legged!

For the animals,

Troy Stevens

President, Board of Trustees

Summit County Friends of Animals

Crossing ducks and humans


I want to thank Mr. Williams for trying to save the three precious ducks from a violent death. Bravo for you! At least you tried. However, next time you might possibly be saving humans from being injured or killed.

We have lived on Three Kings Drive for a very long time, and have seen a tremendous increase in vehicle speed on this street. We are constantly waving at cars to slow down when we try to walk our dogs. We have been cursed at and given the "you-know-what finger" in response to our request. Going to get our mail is a treacherous undertaking.

The speed on Three Kings Drive is 20 mph, but there are only two signs. One by the Resort, and the other when you enter off of Thaynes Canyon Drive.

For the entire two miles there are no posted signs. We’ve called and visited various city departments asking for help and also requested their "Your Speed Is" machines, but to no avail. Not even a returned phone call. We must walk in the street because there are no sidewalks here. We have no choice!

Park Meadows has a stop sign on nearly every corner and machines are there all the time. Can we please have some of the dedicated monies for some speed limit signs, and make Thaynes Canyon Drive and Three Kings Drive a four-way stop? People driving east on Thaynes Canyon Drive coming around a curve can’t see people crossing the street. My granddaughter and I were almost hit crossing there because a speeding vehicle did not see us. Before Park Meadows receives another traffic signal, can it be our turn next?

Now that the new Silver Star development has opened their new lift, will the traffic increase even more as our small community predicted, or will the city help us maintain some semblance of traffic control? Come up to our "past, peaceful little" community when everyone is going home from work and skiing and see for yourselves.

But, please, remember to watch out for the crossing ducks and the humans!

Josephine and Evan Janger

Park City

Intelligent design


It is no small irony that two articles appeared almost simultaneously last week. The first titled "UVSC will host conference on Intelligent Design" appeared in the Nov. 29 issue of The Park Record and the second titled "Physics Frontier Goes Euro" was published Nov. 30 by Wired magazine.

The Wired article describes how a significant, worrisome shift is occurring in the realm of cutting edge physics. With the approaching completion of the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, more of America’s best and brightest particle physicists are now doing their research in Europe. Europe has clearly passed the United States in this important field of study.

Meanwhile back at home, UVSC is trying to grant respectability to psuedo-scientists who preach the gospel of Intelligent Design. This is sham science at its worst.

It is little wonder America is losing its lead in fundamental science when we’re still debating scientific issues that were settled a century ago. Anyone who still doubts the truth of evolution needs to glance at a science magazine or maybe even read a book.

America was once considered the leader in all areas of scientific research. Sadly, this is no longer true and is a clear result of mixing religion with science.


Tom Reinertson

Park City


Guest editorial: More pillow talk

I’m sorry I’m not with the majority. Perhaps you’d like me to go through a CCP-style struggle session. That way you can get me to think just like you.

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