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Letters to the Editor

Christmas in the Park


Thanks to all who made Christmas in the Park at the Miners Hospital so fantastic yet again this year. From the lights, to the music, to all the festive helpers — Park City staff did a great job! This is one of our favorite local celebrations and reminds us of how lucky we are to live in this special place.


Jennifer Guetschow

Park City

McPolin thanks Zions bank


The third grade at McPolin Elementary would like to thank Andy Garland, manager of Zions Bank, for his support of our third grade children. We appreciate the projects that were provided by Jamie Breza who works for Zions Bank. Zions Bank’s financial support will help make more field trips possible. Again, thanks to Zions Bank for their help in the education of our children,


Third grade teachers

Tori Carson

Linda Dugins

Kim Jensen

McPolin Elementary

Bio-diesel downside


Approximately two years ago your paper wrote a glowing article on a local man using cooking oil to manufacture bio-diesel for use in his car. I wrote a letter to the editor, sprinkling a little water on the glowing report by noting that there is a downside to bio-diesel and that is, it raises NOx.

My letter was responded to in kind by the individual, dismissing the whole notion of any concerns regarding NOx. Under letter to the editor time restraint guidelines, I was unable to respond to his assertion even though he in fact had two opportunities to make his case — the article and his response to my letter.

In light of the impending implementation of 2007 EPA emissions regulations, I thought I might now respond to say that NOx is a major concern of those charged with cleaning up the environment. The first EPA regulation of NOx was issued in 1984 with a standard of 10.7g/bhp-hr. That standard has been progressively tightened over the succeeding years to where in 2010 the standard will be just 0.2g/bhp-hr. The stricter standard actually begins in 2007 but a phasing process is allowed and it is expected over the period from 2007 to 2010 the actual will average about 1.2g/bhp-hr. Essentially a 90 percent reduction since standards for NOx were first introduced.

My point concerning bio-diesel and NOx, there is concern that use of bio-diesel in diesel engines will cause these engines to become non-conforming at the higher concentration of bio-diesel like B100. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has issued an advisory alerting that the use of bio-diesel will not exempt anyone from meeting the new standard. It is not believed that lower levels like B5 or B20 will be a problem.

Clearly NOx is a concern to any one who is concerned about the environment. I’m not opposed at all to bio-diesel but I do believe that failure to advise the general public of all the ramifications, good or bad, is poor public policy.

Leo Everitt

formerly Park City,

now Sun City Hilton Head, S.C.


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