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Letters to the Editor


For 11 years I have hiked Iron Canyon. Recently, No Parking signs have been installed by the marked places on the cul de sac. WHY?

I live in and love Park City because one can get outside easily. Why would our city make doing so more difficult by making parking at trailheads illegal? Those that live near the trailhead have put up with the extra cars, dogs and people for many years… for the most part good-naturedly. I live near the Rail Trail and have the same "burden"? Having happy people enjoying themselves in my neighborhood puts a smile on my face… and makes me want to get outside as well. No, this is an asset, not a burden.

I suspect one homeowner has been such a nuisance to City Hall, that cars are being ticketed while their owners are harmlessly doing what we all came here to do! Hikers are good karma people. Grinches, who spoil things for the rest of us, have bad karma! Why buy a home by a popular trailhead? Why live in Park City? These folks belong in a gated community with others who covet isolation!

Carol Dalton

Park City

Positive words for a change


THUMBS UP to The Park Record for dedicating large front-page space to T.A.D.D. on New Year’s Eve. Advanced Transportation is a local company dedicated to protecting our right to party AND get home safe by offering their "get-you-back-to-your-car-for-free" plan (supported by our city who will waive the parking ticket you may get). Their ingenious program is making a positive statement (and a big difference) to the wellbeing of locals and visitors alike. Kudos as well to The Spur Bar for posting T.A.D.D.’s cards in their outdoor hallway plaques, visible to all who pass back and forth.

And Sundance, whose new ticket system worked flawlessly this weekend for me and many others. Sadly, the dominating press seems negative based on only two people’s experiences: one where it appears to not have worked correctly and the other who feels she deserves even greater special service. This is in no way a fair assessment. Instead of demanding special treatment for one’s "love and devotion" to Sundance (a statement hundreds of locals could make), I suggest spending that same energy being grateful for the privileges that are given and supporting those who work hard every year to perfect a way of keeping up with the demand that grows exponentially.

Having worked the festival for six years and not being able to this year, I registered the very last hour of the very last day and got a 9 a.m. Sunday time slot. Calm and a helpful, organized staff prevailed. I walked away with more tickets than ever expected!


Kristi Major


The mayor and the Little Red Book


In response to, "Mayor, once intrigued by Mao, mulls China trip," Park Record, Jan 3-5

The Little Red Book of Mao Zedong is Communism/Socialism 101. Believing that the philosophy is "admirable" but the "implementation" is not, is to deny history. In order to stamp out "the enemy" (which, according to Mao in his Red Book, is anyone who disagrees with the collective in favor of the individual) 70 million Chinese people had to die. For Stalin, Mao’s partner in "admirable" philosophy, the number is estimated at more than 40 million murdered between 1929 and 1953. Then there are the great Communist successes tallying only a few million more deaths — Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam — the list is as big as the missing intellect of "The People’s Mayor."

The "individual" is the mainspring of incentive and motivation; and the power of the individual is the genius of a government that values freedom above all else for its people. Thankfully, it is also a government that can survive the stupidity of its small town mayors.

Note: Finding equivalence between Tiananmen Square (government-sanctioned 183 deaths / 10,000 injuries) and Kent State is even more disturbing — but is another subject for another time. I suggest the mayor stay home from the China trip, and sit in on some history classes, instead.

Karen Jones

Park City

Thank you to White Pine Clinic


Thank you everyone at White Pine Veterinary Clinic for taking great care of our beloved dog, Toby, for the past 9 years! We will miss him terribly now that he is gone, but we greatly appreciated your sympathy note and "Rainbow Bridge" poem. Special thanks to Dr. Hoby Reed (our first vet at White Pine who now lives out of state), Dr. David McDonald, Dr. Rick Sickelsmith, and Corey for their compassionate and personalized care over the years.


Shana Hopperstead

Ross, Jessica and RJ DiCaprio

Park City

Christmas tree recycling fundraiser


On behalf of the Park City Lacrosse Organization, I would like to thank The Park Record for the great announcements and articles. We would also like to thank KPCW for the PSAs throughout the holidays, and all of the wonderful parents and players that help each year with our annual fundraiser.

The trees are taken to the mulching facilities in Park City and out in the county. Swaner Nature Preserve uses some of the trees out in the preserve each year.

High school lacrosse is a club sport in Utah and the funds raised go to expenses such as fields, coaches, uniforms, equipment and transportation.

Thanks also to everyone in the community who had us pick up their tree. See you all next year. We would like to invite everyone out to Dozier field or Quinn’s Junction to see a boys or girls game this spring. It’s exciting.

Karen Emerson

PCLO fundraising chairman

Park City

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