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Letters to the Editor


I attended Save Our Snow last Tuesday night. The presentation was excellent, but, in my humble opinion, overly optimistic. The take-home message was that there is hope and that by going green we can prevent the demise of the ski industry. I think that this created an overly optimistic tone for the night and everyone should have received a more realistic message that we had better do something now if we hope to extend the life of the ski industry beyond mid-century. The presenters said more than once that we should not be overly pessimistic. Now is not the time to put a good face on the prospects for the future.

Now is the time to admit that things are going to get worse, much worse, and that we had better do all we can to reverse climate-warming trends and prepare for worst case scenarios. Park City

will, by mid-century, no longer be able to rely on the ski industry to

support its economy. What no one discussed last night is that the

concomitant effects of global climate change have much broader implications for the Park City environment, perhaps eliminating the possibility of Park City relying on outdoor recreation in any season to support its economy by the end of the century.


Frank Whitby

Salt Lake City

Praise for the troops


So much has been in the news lately about pulling our troops out of Iraq, about cutting and running, but nothing about how much good our troops have done and continue to do every day. Who says they want to leave? Many of them have been over there two or three times, and are even willing to go back again. They want to finish the job, they know we are winning. Our troops are doing a great job. You ask what are they doing? They are protecting the good people of Iraq and Afghanistan from the enemy. The enemy preys on the local populace remorselessly — and they even did this before 9/11 and intimidates and beats and kills those who don’t go along with them.

Our troops are also fighting for us here in the U.S. The enemy they fight is not some strange group of unknowns in a far-off land; this enemy is the direct enemy of the United States, the very groups and their associates who launched the attacks of 9/11.

Our troops have built roads and bridges and clinics and schools. They have conducted medical visits that have treated thousands and thousands of people. They have handed out eyeglasses and book bags and more pens than can be counted. They have built hydroelectric plants. They have trained policemen, they have conducted classes on governance. They have spoken at schools, started sports clubs, and spent countless hours on street corners teaching kids to do high-fives. They have saved drowning children and cared for kids who have fallen out of trees and have worked feverishly to save the lives of people hurt in accidents or wounded by the enemy. They are defending the way of life we cherish for ourselves and our children. They are truly doing the nation’s work and I very deeply believe that our sacrifice even the ultimate sacrifice is not in vain. We are winning.

Vicki Emery

Proud mother of an American soldier


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