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Letters to the Editor


Parley’s Canyon has always reminded me of the song, "Dead Man’s Curve." I know this road can be made safer! Installing cement barriers in Parley’s Canyon is only one solution to increased safety. First and foremost, the most obvious safety solution is REDUCING SPEED LIMITS. Jason Davis (deputy director of the UDOT Region 2) was quoted in last week’s Park Record, "The majority of the time [Parley’s Canyon] functions just fine at 65 mph." And he added that UDOT officials haven’t discussed reducing the speed limit in the canyon as a safety measure. Why not? "The majority of the time" means that the rest of the time includes fatalities, injuries and major traffic jams due to jackknifed, or rolled vehicles — many of which are SUVs and semi-truck trailers.

Since most drivers in the canyon seem to drive at 75 or 80 mph (15 miles per hour over the 65 mph limit), it seems that UDOT should push for a posted 55 mph limit in the canyon, then travelers would drive at 65 or 70 mph since the road functions "just fine at 65 mph the majority of the time." I say UDOT should pursue this as a No. 1 safety priority, then the crossovers where there are no cement barriers would be much less likely.


Gwen Soper

Park City

Air Force recreation fraud


As a veteran, I am curious that when a large parcel of the people’s land is given to a private ski resort to host the Olympics, and the Air Force loses its recreational facility, that they did not exercise their "federal supremacy" and require a new facility be part of the Snow Basin expansion?

Isn’t it curious that a senior congressman from Utah submits an amendment to a bill to break a lease that the BLM and the citizens of Park City entered into in good faith and transfer that parcel to the Air Force in the dark of the night.

Isn’t it curious that when the citizens of Park City offer a first class hotel on Main Street for the exclusive use of our fine military men and women, that offer is rejected out of hand?

Isn’t it curious that the developer that is awarded the contract to develop that public land for this proposed morale facility was one of the largest campaign contributors to that Senior Congressman?

Isn’t it ironic that if the Air Force had exercised its "federal supremacy" when the people’s land was given to a private ski resort for expansion, or had accepted the offer from the citizens on Park City, that our finest would be enjoying all of the recreational opportunities that Utah has to offer this season?

If you are curious, please contact the relevant congressional, Air Force, DOD and oversight agencies and ask for an investigation of this project and the gross profiteering that is taking place on the backs of our military service personnel.


Larry Finch

Park City

Gay Mass at St. Mary’s


Shame on those who responded to Beano Solomon’s letter praising Father Bob for holding a mass which welcomed the gay community. Her letter only expressed admiration for his conducting a worship service. They did not respond to her letter, they changed the subject. She didn’t discuss who has sex with whom. That’s none of my business and it’s none of theirs.

Their letter mentioned a Web site which advocates Reparative Therapy. This therapy is reprehensible! One of its methods is electro-shock therapy on a person’s genitals. It tries to "cure" people into "being straight." The record shows that "reparative therapy" has no support from the major medical and mental health professional organizations, such as American Academy of Pediatrics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Academy_of_Pediatrics , American Counseling Association, American Psychological Association http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Psychological_Association , United States Surgeon General, American School Health Association, Interfaith Alliance Foundation, National Association of School Psychologists http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Association_of_School_Psychologists , and National Education Association http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Education_Association which take the position that homosexuality is not a mental disorder and there is, therefore, no need for a cure. Medical doctors can and have lost their licenses for using this "therapy."

I prefer to address gay youth, their parents and friends. Please be assured that there are people and organizations that will understand, love and embrace you. The Utah Pride Center, in Salt Lake City, is a large, thriving community center that serves the GLBT community and can be found at http://www.Utahpridecenter.org. This site has links to organizations such as PFLAG http://www.pflag.org and Family Fellowship http://www.ldsfamilyfellowship.org. These groups don’t just tolerate you, they celebrate you; and then go out and advocate for you.

Why would you want anyone’s children and friends to live celibate lives? You don’t. Why would you want them to come to an empty home every night and have no one to hear their stories, to care about them? You don’t. Everyone deserves to be accepted for who he or she is and to be loved. Gay people aren’t broken. They don’t need to be fixed.

Fran Miller

McLean, Va.

Park City kindness and hospitality


My family and I recently spent a week in your wonderful town skiing and enjoying the mountains and the beauty of winter. I wanted to write to tell you what a terrific town you have! We’ve traveled often and rarely have enjoyed such fine people and terrific service. In Park City, everyone we met — literally everyone — was friendly and helpful. Service staffs at restaurants and grocery stores were pleasant and welcoming. All the folks we interacted with at The Canyons ski resort — instructors, lift operators, lodge personnel, were terrific. Even the airport personnel in Salt Lake were friendly and helpful. And most impressive, we found your town to be honest.

On New Year’s Eve, I dropped my wallet in the parking lot of the Canyon View Condos. In it was my license, cash, credit cards etc. After getting special, patient assistance through airport security, I was able to fly home with my family in spite of having no identification. Once back on the East Coast, we learned from Canyon View Condos that my wallet had been found by a family living in the neighborhood and passed along to another guest at the condos. That young man took my wallet, cash and credit cards intact, to managers Sonja and Bryan, who over-nighted it to me that week.

Living in the South, we pride ourselves on our region’s hospitality and warmth, and visitors to Tallahassee often write letters to the editor extolling the kind people they ran into during their stay here; our family experienced as much warmth, hospitality, friendliness and honesty as any town could hope to have from the good people of Park City. Thank you for making it such a wonderful experience!


Maura Wilson

Tallahassee, Fla.

Protecting our pets


Senator Gene Davis, D-Salt Lake, is sponsoring the Cruelty Bill this year, making intentional torture of companion animals (livestock, etc. exempt) a third-degree felony as it is in 43 other states. It is Senate Bill 190.

If this is to finally pass this year, each of us must call our elected representatives and senators and ask them to pass this important anti-violence bill at long last (12 years we’ve been trying), as the voters of Utah have made it clear with thousands of petition signatures in support of the measure.

Let’s work hard to make this pass this year, especially as some of the representatives who were most opposed to it, are no longer in office. Find and contact YOUR senator and representative at: http://www.le.state.ut.us. Explain why they should vote FOR S.B. 190, for a kinder Utah.


Cheryl Smith

Executive director

Wasatch Humane

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