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Apropos of several topics relating to getting around in Park City, some thoughts from a devoted pedestrian, bicyclist and bus rider.

If we want to increase the number of pedestrians in our fair city, we could start by building some more sidewalks, and lighting those that we have.

On Main Street, how about wider sidewalks? To accommodate, either (1) remove parking from one side of the street, or (2) make the street one way (with the return on Swede Alley, not Park Avenue).

As a bicyclist, how about some more bike paths? That will raise consciousness of drivers by making it safer for those of us on bikes.

Drivers: Be nice to pedestrians and bicyclists! We’re braving the Mean Streets to free up parking spaces for you!

With respect to S.R. 248: Park and ride at or near the U.S. 40 junction. Extend the bus service out there during the commute windows. Once in town, commuters can walk, bike or take the bus!


Doug Engfer

Park City

No left turns in Prospector


A little more than a year ago, my family moved from lower Park Avenue to Sidewinder. We knew that Sidewinder had more traffic than most residential roads but didn’t imagine that it would be greater than Park Avenue. From my home office, I have witnessed cars running the stop sign on Wyatt Earp numerous times. As you know, the streets in Prospector are narrow and there are no sidewalks. The heaviest traffic is during the time our kids are walking to school. Often I have almost been hit by speeding cars when trying to pull out of my driveway during the morning hours.

With the enforcement of the new "No Left Turn" signs and the education and cooperation of drivers, the street now feels safe. I would like to thank everyone with the city and police department for listening to the concern for our neighborhood and for their hard work to best resolve this traffic-calming issue.

However, I think our community needs to look at the bigger picture. Bottom line is the traffic flow during these rush hour times. I know the people of this community, and the Park City staff, have reasonable solutions to these problems and are working to make the best choices for the entire community.

Now I would like to address The Park Record’s article last Saturday. Letting commuters use residential streets that are not designed for through-traffic purposes, is not the resolution to the problem on S.R. 248. It only serves the interest of a few individuals, like Mr. Vorkink. It lacks consideration of the residents of Prospector. People should think beyond their own needs and give thought to the greater community. If Mr. Vorkink is not happy with this the "no left turn" policy, I would encourage him to find time to attend public meetings. Joe Maslowski, and others who attend, work hard to find solutions at these meetings. We need to work together to deal with the growing population and transportation concerns without losing the uniqueness that draws people here in the first place. Pave Paradise, put up a parking lot!

I am proud to live in a neighborhood with caring people like Joe, who give so freely of their personal time to make our community its best. Thanks again for everyone at Park City Police Department and City Council members, who have helped us work through this problem.


Gary Pinnell

Park City

Olympic information


I would like to thank all the people who responded to my letter requesting feedback about school closures during the 2002 Olympic Games from parents, teachers and students of Park City.

I have heard nothing but positive feedback, which is wonderful to pass on to local parents here in Whistler. I still have not heard from families that were not able to take time off work to look after their elementary school-aged children (five to 10 years old, especially). This continues to be the over-riding concern in Whistler.

We have asked our school board to provide Park City demographics as perhaps Park City families have a different socio-economic situation than Whistler families.

So, if you are a parent who had to work during the 2002 Olympic Games and had children that were between the ages of five and 10 at that time, tell us what worked for you, what didn’t work and what you would do differently.

We are also keen to hear about best Olympic Games family memories. (cjewett@whooshnet.com)

Thank you,

Cathy Jewett, chair

District Parent Advisory Council

Howe Sound School District

Whistler, B.C.

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