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Being a good Christian truly means to embrace all people and to reach out to the underserved, which is what Father Bob is so valiant at doing. Now, Mr. Ozog et al, you owe Father Bob and St. Mary’s an apology since you have attempted to destroy both of them.

I will continue to support Father Bob and St. Mary’s for their decision to hold mass for gays in our community. They must be embraced with the same compassion as all of the other parishioners.

Father Bob is a beacon of light in our community. He continues to work for the good of all of us and has supported those who are in need of assistance. I am thankful that we are so fortunate to have Father Bob working on behalf of St. Mary’s and our community.


Diane Mellen

Park City

Communityeffort needed


It is true that the Park City School District has many challenges in store over the next several years. There is a solution, however, to help the School District keep and expand upon the excellent programs already in the schools: The Park City Education Foundation (PCEF).

PCEF has worked to improve Park City’s schools for the last 20 years, funding innovative educational initiatives such as full-day kindergarten, the high school scholarship advisor and the International Baccalaureate program. PCEF’s goal is simple: to make the Park City School District one of the Top 10 in the nation. With community involvement and financial support, we can realize this goal and provide our children with an outstanding educational experience.

The entire county benefits from our excellent school system — property values go up, businesses prosper and general quality of life remains high. It is worth our investment.

The board of education has spent six months and solicited the opinions of hundreds of community members in its effort to tackle the difficult job of reconciling the budget. The School District needs, however, the support of everyone — parents, administrators, staff, business owners, community members and teachers — to preserve the integrity of education in Park City.

Concerns over losing the fifth-grade music program or increased class sizes should galvanize our community into action. As a board member of PCEF, I urge all parents, business owners and residents to invest in their community by becoming active with the foundation through volunteer work and donations. You can contact our staff at http://www.pcef4kids.org or 615-0235.


Anne Hurtubise, Board member

Park City Education Foundation

Park Meadows sidewalks


In response to the neighborhood concern, I think the growing demand for sidewalks on Little Kate Road is an issue that cannot be ignored any longer. My husband, Stewart Gross, did have a serious injury last year walking home from our kids’ birthday party at the Racquet Club.

While walking along Little Kate (our car was too filled with post party stuff), a car swerved near him and while jumping out of the way, he fell into a snow bank and slammed his shoulder, ending up dislocating his shoulder. He experienced several trips to the emergency clinic, including a middle-of-the-night ambulance call. Within a week, he had to have surgery, followed by months of therapy and is still working on rehab. No doubt if we had sidewalks, this wouldn’t have happened.

Jody Gross

Park City

New programs at museum


On behalf of the Park City Historical Society and Museum, I’d like to thank the local businesses who enthusiastically supported our new programs. The first, the Outreach Program to the Latino Community, partners with the Aspen Villas after-school program. Once a month the kids explore Park City history through old photographs and antiques, and fun, hands-on activities. All Resort Express provided shuttle service to bring the entire group to the museum on Main Street last week. The kids explored the exhibits, tried on mining equipment and rode in the historic Park City stagecoach.

The second program reached out to all the international seasonal workers in Park City this winter. The museum organized a Park City scavenger hunt, with prizes graciously donated by the Red Banjo Pizza and Park City Market.

Thank you all for your support! If anyone in interested in becoming involved in any of these programs, please call the museum at 649-7457.

Johanna Fassbender

Curator of education

Park City Museum

Blame the sun for global warming


Early in February, the national news media informed America that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had concluded the Earth had warmed and that human activity "very likely" the cause.

There are two problems with this report. The first is that the UN document is a 21-page "Summary for Policymakers" not the full report of close to 1,500 pages due to be released in May. And the second problem, of much greater importance, is that while it is correct to state that the Earth has warmed slightly in recent years, many competent scientists from various parts of the globe dispute the claim that humans have caused it.

In England, climatologist Duncan Wingham debunks the widely touted notion that Antarctica’s entire ice shelf is melting. In Denmark, space scientist Henrik Svensmark points to changes in the sun’s magnetic field as the reason for the warming, not mankind’s burning of fossil fuels. In the United States, atmospheric scientists Dr. Fred Singer of George Mason University, Dr. Patrick Michaels of the University of Virginia and Dr. Richard Lindzen of Massachusetts Institute of Technology are only some of the scientists who claim that there is no evidence that humans are responsible for the small amount of warming.

Ed Suriano

Schenectady, N.Y.

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