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Letters to the editor

Dear Father Bob,

You make me very proud to be a Catholic.

I weep, as I write this, knowing the agony you must be going through.

I respect and love you for all you have done for the church and Park City.

Rosemary Sweeney

Park City

The color of money


Jim Doilney is a hypocrite. Does he think he is a "green" builder when he squeezes 850,000 square feet of new development into a place we don’t want or need? Mr. Doilney must be referring to the greenbacks. I remember hearing him once say how much he loves the town he was born and raised in. If he really loved this town he would have donated this land to Swaner.

Sorry, Jim, building a Best Buy with a view of a nature preserve does not make you a green builder. And, creating a nature preserve with a view of a Best Buy is even a worse crime.

Jim, you have created a heat island that will destroy Swaner Nature Preserve in 50 years. The asphalt parking and tar-covered rooftops that have replaced grass and sage will absorb rather than reflect the sun’s rays. As a result, we will have longer heat waves, warmer evenings, and increases the use of air conditioning and refrigeration. I won’t even get into the traffic and carbon dioxide impacts a big box retailer creates.

In fact, the thing we cherish most in this climate — the cool nights — will be two to three degrees warmer in Newpark. The jury is still out on the overall effects urban heat islands have on global warming but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that something isn’t right here.

The Doilneys have made their millions while changing the climate from Old Town to Jeremy Ranch. How much would they have made if they had taken all the land they developed over the years and created a conservancy? If this were a true green development, we would see green roofs, solar panels, underground parking, etc. The next time you decide to bring Draper to Park City, do us all a favor and do it in California where it belongs. Thank you.

Ryan Sundberg


Response to editorial


Administrators are not the only school district professionals who are trying to find ways to cut back our "runaway budget." Many teachers volunteered their personal time to serve on committees assigned the challenging task of correcting this budget crisis, myself included.

Please remember that teachers, in spite of the fact that we had no part in creating or managing the original budget that is currently in crisis, made these problem-solving efforts, also.

We teachers take pride in the fact that we are an "outspoken and vocal group" and on the lookout for questionable cuts. However, our primary concern is how such cuts will affect our students. Any budget recommendations that are finalized will not change our work contracts, but will affect the children of this community in both the short and long term. Those who volunteered their evening to speak for three minutes to the school board deserve your praise, not your disdain. Teachers would like to see PCSD remain one of the best districts in the state and do not desire to be reduced to "average" due to misguided budget cuts.

In addition, forgive us for being cautious in our response to increased funding from the legislature for teacher salaries. Last year the state gave districts a six-percent budget increase, but educators in Park City saw only a paltry one percent added to our salary schedules. We will celebrate when those funds actually make it to our salaries.


Kara Hendrickson

Teacher, parent, taxpayer

Park City

Life sentence article


I read the article titled "Life sentence; man hears punishment for deacon’s death; Victim during his life helped his killer" by Patrick Parkinson and I want to share that I believe that the deacon’s wife Alma Armendariz was quite brave and admirable. I believe that she shows us as a society a way to promote nonviolence.

I am a former resident of Utah and was present during the time that this murder occurred. I can not even begin to image the horror and pain that she experienced. Yet, she has seemed to remain strong and constant in her request not to have the killer of her husband killed for his crime. I think that this is something that is to be commended of a person. In our times, it is so difficult to respond to violent crimes without returning violence for violence. Perhaps Mrs. Armendariz will be criticized by many for what she has done but, in my view, she is an example of the capacity of us as human beings to seek healing instead of revenge.


Veronica Fajardo

Raleigh, N.C.

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