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Letters to the Editor


Gary Loritz was an institution in our town, an energetic man who emphatically marched to his own drummer. In life’s plan for only 57 years, but little if any of it wasted. "The Grrr" lived in the pursuit of the adrenaline rush. For him, turning was an unfortunate consequence of ski racing. Pity the "Chinese Downhill" is not an Olympic event. He definitely would have been in the first seed.

I knew him nearly 25 years. At first perceived as a street-wise cowboy, in time his essence emerged. Gary was, in fact, kind, sensitive, caring and generous. He made himself available to help a friend out of any misfortune on a 24-hour basis.

I am deeply saddened by his departure, but at the same time relieved that he now finds himself in a better world after much suffering. I also take comfort knowing that if The Creator has not seen fit to provide ski-slopes in heaven, Gary will quickly bring what must be done to his attention.

We will all miss him. The Park City Masters will not be the same!


Claudio Vianello

Park City

Better to learn than to judge


I can’t help but wonder who appointed new St. Mary’s parishioner, Mr. Joe Ozog, chief "law enforcement" officer of the church. Somehow, Mr. Ozog moves to Park City, attends Mass a few times, sees something he doesn’t agree with, and decides to "go to Rome" with it. As past Parish Council president, I’ll tell you it is far better to learn what Fr. Bob teaches us, and our community, about love, bridge building, welcoming, tolerance and healing, than to judge him. I was there when Fr. Bob led our beautiful church building projects to welcome our growing community; when he led the People’s Health Clinic initiative and drove our food bank participation for the under-privileged; when he welcomed the world in 2002; and when he welcomed the Hispanic community forever. I was there many times when he healed totally broken hearts with kind words and actions at funerals; when he opened our eyes and ears with his visionary and challenging homilies; when he lovingly blessed and held the newly baptized and confirmed; when his niños howled with joy slipping down the ski slopes; and when he simply bear-hugged me when my dad died.

As I prepared for our parish’s community St. Patrick’s party, I spoke with a current parishioner. "What will I say to Mr. Ozog if I see him tonight?" I asked. "Don’t say anything TO him, just say a prayer FOR him, that’s what Fr. Bob would do." she replied. Yes, Joe it is far better to learn from Fr. Bob, than to judge him. And most do!

Timothy J. Petracca Sr.

Park City

Principal termination


Recently, Michele Wallace, our principal at Jeremy Ranch Elementary was terminated to be effective the end of June. It’s my understanding she was terminated due to a decision that she had made earlier in the school year. Immediately after notifying her, the request was made that she continue as principal until the end of the school year.

It’s clear by this request the board and superintendent hold Ms. Wallace in high regard; otherwise, why would they ask her to complete the school year? And true to Michele’s character, she is doing the right thing by our children and has continued to uphold her commitment to them and their parents.

It is the opinion of the JRES PTO Board, given the circumstances that Ms. Wallace faced and the decision that she made, she acted in the best interest of our students; we support her in her decision. We understand that given the precedent with Alisa Felton (former TMMS science teacher) that the board and superintendent felt that Michele should also lose her job.

I’m not here to debate policy and if it was broken or not. It does seem bad policy when good educators lose jobs because the punishment does not fit the crime. A negative precedent was started and now this will reinforce a bad decision with another bad decision that is not in the best interest of our kids.

Ms. Wallace has a 19-year, unblemished record with the Park City School District. Voting citizens please look at this. If this continues to be upheld, you might lose one of your valued teachers or principals over one poor choice. Not only that, if one poor choice leads to dismissal (with no other written reprimands/suspensions) Park City schools may not be able to attract quality teachers and administrators.

It is our understanding that Michele is entitled to due process and the PTO hopes that during this time the decision is overturned and Ms. Wallace is reinstated as our principal. A person certainly shouldn’t lose a job over trying to create a win/win situation that’s in the best interest of our children.


Colleen Nuffer

JRES PTO president

Real SL Stadium petition


"What Part of No Don’t You Understand?"

I am a co-sponsor of a petition for putting the Real Salt Lake Stadium bill up for ballot vote via the referendum process.

The soccer team has been playing in the Rice-Eccles stadium. The Salt Lake County mayor responsibly rejected a plan for building a new stadium in his county. The results of public opinion polls found the majority of Utahns were opposed to this stadium. Subsequently, a stadium bill was rushed and passed through the state Legislature. Because of this, a petition process has been initiated. Since signatures will need to be collected within a few weeks, time is of the essence.

This petition isn’t a "for or against" the stadium proposition. It simply provides an opportunity for the voters of Utah to once again be heard. Since our state representatives and governor turned a deaf ear, this is the last chance for our democratic process to be carried out. KSL television recently conducted another opinion poll. Not surprisingly, once again, the majority of the people of Utah supported signing this petition. A Web site, http://www.getrealutah.org, provides more information.

Jerry Septon

Park City

Art patrons ‘Paint the Town’


This year’s Paint the Town, Arts-Kids annual fundraiser, presenting "Art: A Window to the Heart," was held Saturday, March 10, and showcased art from elementary and middle school students who created glass "windows" and murals representing their "art from the heart." Over 200 guests were greeted at the Kimball Art Center by window washers and a spectacular ice window sculpture by Iceworks. Done To Your Taste Catering provided gourmet hors d’oeuvres complemented by homemade desserts from the ladies of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. All enjoyed the musical sounds of PCHS students Big Time Jazz Band and Bossa Luna from Salt Lake City. A wonderful array of talented artists and area art galleries presented their works for the live and silent auctions along with numerous fantastic items donated by local businesses.

We want to convey a special thank you to presenting sponsor, Whitney Wallace, and the many other sponsors for their generous support. They, along with the Board of Trustees, volunteers, and numerous friends of Arts-Kids helped to make Paint the Town a success. The kids of Arts-Kids will continue to benefit from the ongoing support of local businesses and residents who believe that every child can grow and thrive through the expressive arts.

Kris Beer, Executive director


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