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High schoolconstruction


I am a senior at Park City High School. As most of you have probably noticed, we are going through a massive addition, costing about $30 million. I would just like to open Park City’s eyes to the greed and

selfishness of the Park City School District.

First off, although the addition would have been cheaper to just tear it all down and start over, we couldn’t because the addition 10 years ago hasn’t been paid off. Second, along with the addition, new desks and chairs were purchased. What happened to all of the old desks that were in near perfect condition? No, they were not donated to schools in need, they were neatly stacked and demolished with the old school. Generous eh?

Finally, why do our new classrooms have wall-mounted touch pads controlling all electronics, when that money could be donated to poor schools in need?

Many teachers are very angry about the new addition. Also, I have heard no positive feed back from students regarding these uncomfortable new desks. I just want Park City taxpayers to know what new, "great technology" they are paying for. Hopefully, some generosity and donating will be performed soon.


Tres Wilson III

Park City

Saddened in San Francisco


I recently read of the closure of Bad Ass Coffee in Old Town Park City. Not only are locals saddened, but so are the hearts of many in San Francisco. I fell in love with the place on a ski trip almost a decade back. The coffeehouse provided a much-needed break from days of skiing. The half-day was pure pleasure reading the local paper and a bad novel, with intermittent exchanges with people who would come and go.

Since then, I tried making it back every year, not only for the skiing, but for the time at Bad Ass Coffee. Even when I was gone for a few years in Asia, I brought Bad Ass Coffee with me. Their mug made its way to Bhutan, Brunei, Burma, and a host of other countries in Asia (even those that don’t start with a "B"). Michel even did me honor by gracing my mug shots on her wall. I felt even more a part of Bad Ass Coffee in the following years. Some years, Bad Ass Coffee was the tipping point when my buddies and I were trying to determine where to ski that season. Knowing I could spend a few hours just quietly hanging out in the coffeehouse was too much of an advantage for Park City. The snow in Park City is excellent, but the coffee and community at Bad Ass Coffee was sublime.

ron Stecklein

San Francisco

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