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Letters to the Editor

Democratic Convention


While we appreciate Salt Lake County Councilman Randy Horiuchi for delivering the keynote address at the recent Summit County Democratic Convention, a lot more happened than his 20-minute speech, as your article implies.

After a robust discussion, the body voted on and passed substantial changes to our bylaws, including Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) for balloting. This ensures the intent of the delegates is heard.

Newly elected executive officers bring energy and ideas for mobilizing the grassroots of the Democratic Party in the county. As we moved toward the convention, an array of dedicated and skilled community volunteers stepped up to run, indicating increased interest in the Democratic Party and the values it upholds.

Utah Democratic Party (UDP) Chairman Wayne Holland made an appearance before heading to another event.

At the victory dinner following the convention, Rob Miller, UDP vice chair updated us on the state party’s activities, including the effort to defeat vouchers in the November referendum. County Democrats will be working with educators to ensure its defeat in Summit County.

Bob Jurek, UDP treasurer, informed us that we’ve never been in better financial shape, reflecting changing attitudes towards Democrats in Utah. Meanwhile the Utah GOP finds itself in possibly the worst financial shape ever due to voucher proponents’ efforts to defeat Democrats in eight Salt Lake House districts last year. It appears they were stuck with some sizable bills as reported in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Brett Garner from the Bill Richardson for President campaign spoke about why we should support this western governor who understands our issues better than any other candidate running in either party.

Summit County Democrats are overflowing with ideas to increase participation in the electoral process and we’re looking for dedicated volunteers to put these ideas to work. Interested residents may contact me at (435) 336-2123.

The party thanks Legacy Lodge at the Park City Ski Area for an excellent job in hosting the convention and dinner. The event was well attended and positive, and bodes well for the future of Summit County Democrats as we move forward to the 2008 general election.


Laura Bonham, chair


Response to guest editorial


I feel I must respond to the guest editorial from Paul Morin, American Legion National Commander. As a Vietnam veteran, who experienced first hand an incompetently led war, I take strong exception to Commander Morin’s premise that Memorial Day should be exempt from political discourse. I feel that there is no better day to consider our country’s course than one honoring those who "gave their last full measure of devotion" defending our country.

To suggest that those who question the current course in Iraq are telling the families of those killed in action "that their loved ones died for a less-than-worthy cause" is the height of political hypocrisy. These men and women died defending their country, following orders flowing through the chain of command, starting with the President.

What makes their deaths all the more tragic is the total incompetence of the civilian leadership that perpetuates their sacrifices. The civilian leadership failed to read either history or the intelligence estimates prior to invading Iraq. Most of what follows was predicted by many inside and outside of the Pentagon.

We are now mired in a civil war with no military solution. The Iraq war recruits enemies faster than we can kill them and has stretched our ground forces to the point of breaking.

Our ground forces can neither defend against new threats nor adequately take the initiative against existing terror centers. The "brain drain" of mid-career officers and NCOs threatens the future of the Army and Marines.

On Memorial Day our thoughts should be to our fighting men and women and our fallen veterans. What better day to call the president and his men to account for their folly. Who better to raise the call than the friends, families and comrades of our fallen heroes.

Glenn Wright

Vietnam veteran

Park City

No recycling in state parks?


Many Utahns are preparing and packing up to spend the weekend away from home. Many are planning to visit one of the 42 beautiful state parks here in Utah, which are celebrating their 50th anniversary of service. To my understanding, the state has no sort of recycling program in their park system for trash that visitors produce.

I frequent Jordanelle State Park for boating. At their marina, three to four large bins over fill each weekend with mainly plastics, aluminum and paper! I would say 99 percent of the trash could be recycled. I know the boaters could take responsibility to carry their own trash out but with the general public, this just isn’t going to happen. The state needs to take responsibility! They are celebrating their 50th anniversary. I think it’s high time to start a responsible program of recycling.

Jane Riley

Park City

Middle class responds


Gee, I didn’t know being "middle class" was a bad thing! My parents worked hard all their lives to attain that level of security, which would allow them to buy their own modest home and feed, clothe and educate their children, with not much left over for vacations or anything else.

I’m sure Mr. Clark could find some isolated, gated, exclusive community somewhere else where he would only have to associate with those just like him and not have to encounter "riff-raff" like me!


Gaye Worthen

Park City

Solution is commuting


While I believe there are good intentions in the thought of providing affordable housing, I fall short in understanding how it is the city government’s role to do this? I would prefer my tax dollars go towards police/fire protection, parks, libraries, roads and the like — all items that are available to the residents of Park City as a whole. I fail to see how it benefits the average Parkite for the city government to build and maintain low-cost housing. I choose to live in Park City for the lifestyle. I work in Salt Lake City in order to afford to live here. Why should my tax dollars go towards subsidizing someone else to live here so they do not have to commute? It would be a different issue if Park City was more isolated, but there is plenty of affordable housing within a short drive.

Jay Smith

Park City

A different point of view


I read with great interest the letter to the editor titled, "Wasteful public servants," by Stephen Hart of Park City. I feel a response is certainly warranted and clearly necessary in this case.

Yes, law enforcement vehicles are often times left running while officers handle calls and take meal breaks. There is a reason for this. The equipment, laptop, modem, radios, etc., in the vehicle draw a great deal of power. The engine supplies that power. This equipment is critical for rapid law enforcement response to emergency calls. You expect that rapid response. It’s what your tax dollars pay for. Every business has costs, and law enforcement is no different.

Please understand a patrol shift runs for 12 hours. Law enforcement officers are no different than you are, sir. They require a meal break and the occasional coffee/soda break. I suspect you have similar conditions in your place of employment. Secondly, rather than view officers with "disgust," and refer to them as "ignorant and wasteful," perhaps a simple "thank you" would suffice for their service to you as a citizen.

Yes, Mr. Hart, I agree with you the environmental issues we as a society must confront are important, but the people you condemn are the same people that have volunteered to come to your aid at any time, day or night, under any condition and confront that which you will not.

I would suggest the following as a course of action for any citizen with a question. When you see a deputy, police officer or trooper taking a break, approach them with your questions. Try a little understanding rather than condemnation.

I’ll start, now that I am a civilian, by telling ALL of the

deputies, officers and troopers I served with, THANK YOU for all you do for us. It’s an honor to have served with you. Your work matters, whether you are on the road, in corrections, communications, special operations or civilian staff. Take care of each other and stay safe.

Mike Dorman

Seattle, Wash.

English learners support


Many wonderful people in our community graciously gave Park City High School’s ELL (English Language Learners) Program assistance this year. Each quarter, almost a third of our non-English-speaking student population received A’s and B’s in their math, science, history or English classes.

I’d like to thank several people for their time and financial support, from motivational guest speakers to donating goods for our ELL quarterly honor roll parties and funds to send Rene Chavira, an 11th-grade ELL student, on the school-sponsored trip to China, and donating new winter clothing. The following contributed to our program: Lillie Garrido, Alain Alarcon, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Dr. Kathy Ostler and St. Mary’s Catholic Church/ Knights of Columbus. Of course, I must also extend my gratitude to the generous staff of PCHS.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to another great year next year!


Anna Williams

ELL teacher, PCHS

Illegal says it all


I don’t care what race, creed, nationality, or tongue you are. If you are in this country illegally, you are a criminal and should be treated as such. I welcome any and all who come to this country legally and contribute to the growth of this great nation. But illegal aliens do not contribute. Thirty percent of the inmates in federal prison are illegal. Night after night on the news, crime after crime is committed by illegal aliens. And whose fault is it that we have these illegal aliens?

The blame rests squarely on the shoulders of every American who is of voting age. Yes, we Americans are responsible for this mess because we have refused to get involved. We have not demanded that our public officials protect us against this invasion — and this is an invasion when upwards of 20 million people enter this country illegally, become burdens on public services, thumb their noses at our laws and claim they are going to take back the South Western part of the U.S. because it’s theirs that’s an invading force that needs to be stopped.

Please call your senators and congressman and tell them you are not in favor of amnesty, and to strengthen our borders, refuse services to illegal aliens except in the case of life or death, to fine those employers who knowingly hire such, and to step up the process of exporting all illegal aliens out of this country.

Allan Hales

Salem, Utah

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