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Letters to the editor

Noise Ordinance Enforcement


As summertime ramps up, the loud motorcycles are again disrupting Park City’s tranquility. As an Old Town resident, it has become nearly impossible to read, take a nap, hear others talk, or even leave my windows open because the gangs of weekend-warriors on their Harleys and souped-up ?crotch rockets? feel compelled to rev their engines as they roll up and down Old Town’s otherwise quiet streets. The solution to this nuisance is to have the Park City Police enforce the City’s noise ordinance. The ordinance, although not ideal, is pretty specific and basically prohibits noises above 65 decibels. Admittedly, I don’t really know how loud 65 decibels actually is, but if the current motorcycle noise in Old Town doesn’t exceed that mark, the ordinance should be changed so the current noise levels become impermissible. I should also add that, as a global warming opponent, it?s irksome to see folks repeatedly revving their engines unnecessarily; but my rant has gone on long enough. Sincerely, Adam Strachan

Docudrama was a team effort

Dear Editor:

Each year for the Park City High School graduating class, members of the community come together to present a docudrama depicting an alcohol-related crash. I would like to recognize and thank all those who once again provided their time, equipment, and expertise to make this event a success:

AirMed, Belcher Auto, Eccles Center, MED EFX (Scott Westbroek) Olpin-Hoopes Funeral Home, Park City Firefighters, Park City High School Parent Teacher and Student Organization (PTSO), Park City Police, Park City School District, Performance Audio, and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch. In addition, drama teacher Nicole Madison, drama students: Julie Polana, Dylan Ragland, Kaliegh Nelson, and Hunter Brown, Audio: David Hallock and Max Seltenrich, and PTSO representative Suze Weir.

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Tricia Hurd

Park City Fire District

65th Girls Graduation Celebration


The 65th annual Girl Graduation Celebration for the Park City High School senior girls and their mothers and presented by the Woman’s Athenaeum Club took place Monday at the Eccles Center.

The evening was filled with visiting, laughing, beautiful music, good food and a positive speaker. The girls and mothers enjoyed being together, talking together about their school years and their plans after graduation.

Kendy Radasky from TreeUtah, who addressed the guests, emphasized being optimistic and following our dreams. She worked hard, earned her Bachelor Degree in biology and a Master’s Degree in Behavioral and Community Ecology and prepared herself for the future. She followed her dream by using the skills she had gained to help others, be part of her community and improve the natural environment.

Pianist Amy Bean provided lovely background music.

Danialle Ronnow was honored as the Park City High School Outstanding Girl Graduate. She has taken a rigorous course of study with five AP Classes, been on high honor roll for all of high school, member of the Academic Decathlon Team and has been a cheerleader.

The Woman’s Athenaeum Club was founded by the miners’ wives in 1897 to give service to Park City and to educate themselves. Athenaeum continues these traditions by giving service to Park City. Members meet monthly from September to June and value of heritage of Park City and the Woman’s Athenaeum Club. Athenaeum is always looking for women who share these values and would like to be part of the club. Please contact Lynda Simmons if you are interested.

The Woman’s Athenaeum congratulates each Graduate at Park City High School and is proud to continue the tradition of the Girl Graduate Celebration.


Lynda Simmons

New Ambassadors needed


As members of the Park City Ambassadors for the past several years, we have enjoyed, and been involved in the 4th of July parade and related activities in City Park. For more than two decades, thousands of locals and visitors have enjoyed and looked forward to the fun of celebrating our country’s birthday here in Park City, starting with the pancake breakfast preceding the Parade and culminating in City Park with lunch, games, live entertainment, and refreshments.

The Park City Ambassadors organization is the service-oriented volunteer arm of the Park City Chamber Bureau, and although we volunteer at many events throughout the year, our main function is the organization and staffing of the 4th of July parade and activities that follow in the park.

Over the years, the 4th of July Parade has expanded both in its scope and cost, while our membership has declined in number. With decreasing membership and increasing cost and manpower needs, the organization is finding it more difficult to carry the load by itself.

In the coming months we will be recruiting new members and appealing to the public for volunteer support on the day of the 4th of July. We will also be soliciting cash and in-kind donations from local businesses.

In order to maintain the quality of this event which our community deserves and has come to expect, we ask that you as individuals or members of local organizations consider offering your time to help staff this year’s 4th of July event. We hope that this community will support our requests so that Park City can continue to enjoy this long standing family-oriented tradition. For information on how you can help, please call the Ambassador’s at 435-658-9620, leave a message and you will be contacted by our volunteer coordinator.

Here’s looking forward to a successful 4th of July.

Gene and Sandra Hamble